Is John Smiths any good?

Is John Smiths any good?

John Smith’s is the number one most loved ale in the UK, providing a good honest pint for good honest blokes. It’s still brewed at the John Smith’s Brewery in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, where it enjoys over 250 years of brewing heritage.

What does John Smiths taste like?

Notes: John Smith’s bitter, which is still going strong, is a malty, bitter sweet ale with a slight fruitiness and a bitter aftertaste – we probably took the words right out of your mouth. John Smith’s Original can be enjoyed in cans at home (3.6% ABV), plus there’s the Cask Ale available on the bar (3.8% ABV).

What is similar to John Smiths?

There are many beers that are very similar to John Smith’s. Tetley’s Bitter is very similar, from Yorkshire, similar alcohol content, similar beer style. Then there are other creamy bitters such as Boddington’s and Worthingtons.

How strong is John Smiths?

The alcohol-by-volume (ABV) content of John Smith’s Extra Smooth will be lowered from 3.8% to 3.6%. Dutch brewer Heineken, which owns the brand, will bring the reduction into effect from 4 February, along with a price increase of about 2.5p a pint.

Is John Smith Extra Smooth A bitter?

John Smith’s Extra Smooth is a legend in the beer world, John Smith’s is a classic, clean Yorkshire bitter, with a distinct smooth and creamy texture. Distinct cereal character with elements of toffee and biscuit. Aroma: Digestive biscuits and light toffee.

Is John Smiths bitter or mild?

John Smith’s Original is a malty, bitter sweet ale with a slight fruitiness and a bitter aftertaste.

Is John Smith’s fizzy?

John Smith’s Original (3.6% ABV). The same as Extra Smooth, but carbonated, rather than nitrogenated.

Why is John Smith’s not vegetarian?

John Smith’s is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Is John Smith’s gluten free? As we use malted barley as an ingredient, our beers contains gluten.

Is John Smiths beer strong?

John Smith’s Original (3.6% ABV).

How many calories in a can of John Smiths Extra Smooth?

There are 132 calories in 1 can (440 ml) of John Smith’s Extra Smooth Bitter.

Why is there a shortage of John Smiths?

Due to the reduced supplies of nitrogen over the weekend, we have not been able to produce stocks of John Smiths brands including keg products, leading to shortages this week.