Is it Le viande or La viande?

Is it Le viande or La viande?

viande [la ~] noun.

What is the meaning of Prast?

North German: occupational name from Middle Low German pravest ‘provost’. See also Provost. German: nickname for an ostentatious person, from Middle High German brast ‘pageantry’, ‘show’, ‘display’.

What is the meaning of La viande?

British English: meat /miːt/ NOUN. Meat is the flesh of an animal that people cook and eat.

What is the meaning of La Tasse?

[tɑs ] feminine noun. 1. (= récipient, contenu) cup.

Is Viande masculine or feminine French?

viande (vee-ahnd) noun, feminine Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France.

What is meaning of pannA in English?

emerald countable noun. An emerald is a bright green precious stone. /panna, pannA, pannaa, pannā, pnna, pnnA, pnnaa, pnnā/

What’s jambon in French?

noun. gammon [noun] the meat of the leg of a pig, salted and smoked. ham [noun] the top of the back leg of a pig, salted and dried.

What does L assiette mean in French?

Noun. assiette (plural assiettes) A plate of food, but typically a small plate containing the same food item prepared in various different ways. A mixture of bole, bloodstone, and galena once used in bookbinding as a gilding surface.

What is the plural of La Tasse?

Meanings of “plural of tasse” in French English Dictionary : 1 result(s)

Category French
1 Common tasses [pl/f]

What type of meat is La viande?

Red Meat

French English Pronunciation
la viande rouge red meat lah vee-ahnd roozh
le jambon ham luh zhahm-bohn
le boeuf beef luh buhf
l’agneau (m.) lamb lahn-yoh