Is Indesit iwdc6125 a condenser dryer?

Is Indesit iwdc6125 a condenser dryer?

Yes this is a condenser washer dryer.

Where is the condenser on an Indesit washer dryer?

The condenser is found at the bottom of your appliance. Simply take this out by grasping the bottom cover by the ides and pull it off gently towards you. Remove the condenser by rotating the clips, then pulling the condenser towards you.

Do washer dryers have condensers?

The condenser in a washer-dryer cools moist, hot air inside the machine, producing water which pours down the drain.

Why is my Indesit washer dryer not drying?

We recommend the following: Ensure that the vent hose is not blocked or crushed. Ensure that your Indesit washer dryer is not being overfilled with clothing as this will impair the performance. Double check the heat switch on your dryer is set to the appropriate position.

Which Indesit washer dryers are being recalled?

Which Indesit machines have been recalled?

  • XWA 81252X K UK Indesit.
  • XWA 81252X W UK Indesit.
  • XWD 71452X K UK Indesit.

How does a washer condenser dryer work?

They push warm, dry air through your wet washing to extract moisture, then cool the now humid air in a heat exchanger to condense the moisture, which is collected in a tank or pumped down the drain. The (now dry) air is reheated and the cycle repeats. The heart of any condenser dryer is the heat exchanger.

How do I reset my Indesit washing machine iwdc6125?

The Reset Procedure

  1. Switch off the power and unplug the machine.
  2. Turn on the machine using the on/off button.
  3. Set the timer control to the zero position.
  4. Plug the machine back in.
  5. Switch on the power.
  6. The display lights should now be flashing.
  7. Turn off the machine with the on/off button.
  8. Select the programme required.

How do I dry my Indesit washer dryer?

Press button to perform the drying-only cycle. After selecting the desired cycle (compatible with the type of garments), press button to exclude the washing phase and start the drying phase at the maximum level for the selected cycle. The drying level or time may be set and changed by pressing the drying button .