Is hifonics Zeus a good amp?

Is hifonics Zeus a good amp?

Our pick for the best Hifonics amp is the Hifonics Zeus ZRX Series Mono Block D Class 3200 Watt Vehicle Amplifier. It has the most wattage of all three picks, is very powerful, and produces very clear bass. If you want a more budget-friendly option, consider the Hifonics Brutus Mono Super D-Class Subwoofer Amplifier.

Are old school amps better?

Bottom line: The new car audio amplifiers offer more power, more features and cost less than the older amplifiers (original price). On the other hand the old amplifiers were arguably built better and will last longer than the new amplifiers.

How much is a hifonics Zeus amp?

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Does Hifonics do rated power?

Yes they are rated well and cheaper.

Are Hifonics subs any good?

They sound great for a budget sub and will buy them again. Don’t try to put too much power to them, not even the RMS rating. Under power them and they will perform greatly. I am giving them about 450 watts to the pair and they love it.

How many watts is a hifonics Zeus amp?

1200 Watts
Hifonics 1200 Watts ZEUS GAMMA Mono Subwoofer Car Audio Amplifier….ZG-1200.1D ZEUS GAMMA 1200 Watt Amplifier.

Weight 8.65 lbs
Amp Power @ 4 Ohms (ch x watts) 1 x 300
Amp Crossover Variable Electronic 12dB Per Octave
Amp Variable Low Pass Crossover 12dB per Octave 40Hz-300Hz
Amp Tone Control / Parametric EQ Built-in Bass Control

Is a hifonics Zeus?

Product Description. The Zeus line of amplifiers from Hifonics is a throw back t the original Hifonics amplifiers that helped start the car audio and SPL craze. These amplifiers are packed with technology for great sound and huge power.

Are Brutus Subs good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Brutus ! These are really nice subs for what they cost. I can tell you that after running all kinds of subs over the years these are incredible. I would compare these to the old JL Audio W6’s.

Is Hifonics speakers a good brand?

These Hifonics speakers sound alot better than the price would have you believe. The materials used in these speakers are also very good . I always look for speakers that have cone material other than paper and surrounds made of rubber not foam. Important for speakers that live in the harsh environment of a car.