Is Deals Gap Tail of the Dragon?

Is Deals Gap Tail of the Dragon?

Beginning at Deals Gap on the Tennessee/North Carolina state line is the Tail of the Dragon. It is considered by many as one of the world’s foremost motorcycling and sports car touring roads. Anyone looking for an exciting highway will enjoy this 11-mile stretch of US 129.

Where is Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap?

Tail of the Dragon: US 129’s windy scenic drive Whether you’re starting or completing the Tail of the Dragon at the intersection of US 129 & NC 28, Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort in Robbinsville, NC is the perfect place to snap pictures, grab souvenirs, eat lunch, have a cold beer, or even spend the night.

Is the tail of the dragon shut down?

NOTICE: The Tail of the Dragon is US 129, a US Highway which is always open to anyone unless there is an accident or some danger which requires closing of the road. It has been closed at times due to landsides, severe storms, downed trees and truck accidents. Closure of the road is rare.

How many people have crashed on the tail of the dragon?

But it can also be treacherous. According to Tennessee’s Integrated Traffic Analysis Network, in 2018, there were 83 traffic crashes on the Tail of the Dragon, 75% of which involved a motorcycle. Three of those motorcyclists died. The numbers for 2019 aren’t much better: 93 crashes, 67% involving motorcycle drivers.

Where do I start the dragon’s tail?

The Dragon (also known as The Tail of the Dragon) begins in North Carolina at the intersection of NC 28 and US 129 and ends at the Tabcat Creek Bridge in Tennessee. The twisting road through the dense forest has several pull-offs to stop and watch the riders.

How many curves does the dragon tail have?

318 curves
Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap with 318 curves in 11 miles: America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road. Designated US 129, the road is bordered by the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest with no intersecting roads or driveways to hamper your travel.

What’s the speed limit on Tail of the Dragon?

30 mph
Thrill-seekers from around the world seek out this destination drive but, unfortunately, the Tail of the Dragon is not a race track, which means that its speed limit is set at 30 mph.

How long does it take to ride Tail of the Dragon?

about 30 minutes
Ride the Dragon And if you’re traveling by motorcycle, don’t forget your helmet—they’re required for both drivers and passengers in North Carolina and Tennessee. It will take about 30 minutes to drive the Dragon’s 11 exhilarating miles.

How long does it take to ride the Tail of the Dragon?

How long does it take to ride the Tail of the Dragon. The speed limit on the road is 30 miles per hour (48 kph). So you can complete a one-way trip in about 30 minutes.