Is Bradman better than Tendulkar?

Is Bradman better than Tendulkar?

Bradman has a higher top score, Bradman’s 334 versus Tendulkar’s 248 not out. In Wisden’s ranking of top players of all time, based on their rating system of all innings, Bradman was the clear leader above Tendulkar.

What records does Don Bradman still hold?

This one record – the batting average of 99.94 – makes Bradman ‘a class apart’ from the other cricketing greats. Even decades since his last innings, no one has come even near to breaking this record….Highest Test Batting Average – 99.94.

Player GS Sobers (WI)
Mat 93
Inns 160
Runs 8032
Average 57.78

Who bowled Bradman for a duck?

spinner Eric Hollies
Going into the match, if Australia batted only once, Bradman needed only four runs from his final innings to have a Test batting average of exactly 100, but he failed to score, bowled second ball for a duck by leg spinner Eric Hollies.

Was Bradman A opener?

A man who could open He was generally a top order batsman but Bradman opened the innings a few times in first class cricket. On nine occasions, to be precise. His average was 104.50. Perhaps he should have stuck to opening and got that career average past hundred!

Is Kohli better than Bradman?

Despite playing just one format, Bradman is widely regarded as the greatest batsman of all time – his outstanding Test average of 99.94 is highly unlikely to ever be duplicated. Kohli on the other hand is one of the best modern-day batsmen going around, averaging over 50 in all three formats.

Is Steve Smith as good as Bradman?

“In straight out numbers, yes (he’s the best since Bradman).” Remarkably, Border still attributes Smith’s brilliance to his technique. The 30-year-old is renowned for having one of the strangest techniques in world cricket, with his fidgeting quirks and odd positioning.

How did Don Bradman get famous?

Bradman’s meteoric rise from bush cricket to the Australian Test team took just over two years. Before his 22nd birthday, he had set many records for top scoring, some of which still stand, and became Australia’s sporting idol at the height of the Great Depression.

Did Bradman serve in ww2?

Donald Bradman enlisted with the RAAF in June 1940 and was given the rank of lieutenant and attended training classes. When it was clear that he was surplus to the RAAF’s requirements, he transferred to the army in October 1940 as a student at the School of Physical and Recreational Training at Frankston, Victoria.