Is Beaujolais Nouveau affordable?

Is Beaujolais Nouveau affordable?

Most Beaujolais Nouveau retails at a little over $10 per bottle, but you can expect to pay around $20 for a good bottle of Beaujolais-Villages. The best cru Beaujolais can reach up to $70 a bottle, though there’s incredible value to be found around the $30 to $35 mark.

What does Beaujolais Nouveau mean in English?

: a Beaujolais wine that is released shortly after a grape harvest and is sold for immediate consumption.

How long is Beaujolais wine good for?

Regular Beaujolais and Beaujolais-Villages (not Nouveau) should be consumed within 2 years of the vintage date on the bottle. Cru Beaujolais (we’ll get to that in a hot minute) is usually safe up to 3 years, but some can even last to 10 years depending on the vintage.

Does Beaujolais Nouveau need to be refrigerated?

Do you serve Beaujolais Nouveau chilled? Unlike most red wines, Beaujolais Nouveau is best drunk slightly chilled (about 13°C) and within the first six months of its release.

Where can I buy Beaujolais Nouveau?

From Winedeals, you can get Beaujolais Nouveau from Georges Duboeuf, Domaine des Fonds Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau, and Domaine Dupeuble Père et Fils Beaujolais Nouveau. Available delivery options: At-home delivery, safe curbside pickup, and free shipping to New York state.

What is the difference between Beaujolais and Beaujolais Nouveau?

Basic Beaujolais can come from anywhere within the Beaujolais region and blended into a single wine, which accounts for 56% of the total production of the region. Beaujolais Nouveau accounts for a significant percentage of Beaujolais production and must be fermented quickly and released the same year as the vintage.

What wine is most similar to Beaujolais?

Substitute for Beaujolais

  • Your first choice would be a good Pinot Noir.
  • OR – Select a red Burgundy.
  • OR – Use a Chianti.

What is the best Beaujolais Nouveau for 2021?

2021 Beaujolais Nouveau

  • DOMAINE DE CORNILLAC. Beaujolais Nouveau 2021. Score: 88 | $15.
  • GEORGES DUBOEUF. Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau 2021. Score: 87 | $15.
  • DOMAINE DES MARRANS. Beaujolais Nouveau 2021. Score: 87 | $16.
  • DOMAINE DU CLOS DU FIEF. Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau La Roche 2021.
  • GEORGES DUBOEUF. Beaujolais Nouveau 2021.