Is Alsace French or German?

Is Alsace French or German?

Alsace is a region in north-eastern France that borders Switzerland and Germany. In fact, it is so close to Germany that you can travel by tram from the regional capital Strasbourg, to Kehl, the nearest German city, in just 15 minutes. Although Alsace is part of France, its borders have not always been clear.

Was Alsace-Lorraine originally French or German?

Because of its ancient German associations and because of its large German-speaking population, Alsace-Lorraine was incorporated into the German Empire after France’s defeat in the Franco-German War (1870–71).

Did Germany keep Alsace-Lorraine from France?

It was created in 1871 by the German Empire after seizing the region from the Second French Empire in the Franco-Prussian War and Treaty of Frankfurt. Alsace–Lorraine was reverted to French ownership in 1918 as part of the Treaty of Versailles and Germany’s defeat in World War I.

Why did France lose Alsace-Lorraine to Germany?

Alsace-Lorraine, Area, eastern France. It is now usually considered to include the present-day French departments of Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin, and Moselle. The area was ceded by France to Germany in 1871 after the Franco-Prussian War.

How long was Alsace part of Germany?


Year(s) Event Ruled by
1919–1940 Treaty of Versailles after World War I causes German cession of Alsace to France France
1940–1944 Nazi Germany conquers Alsace, establishing Gau Baden-Elsaß Nazi Germany
1945–present French control France

Did Germany take Alsace?

In May/June, 1940, early in World War 2, Nazi Germany invaded western Europe, taking Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and much of France, including Alsace. The Germans annexed Alsace and occupied the region until the Allies liberated Strasbourg on Nov 23, 1944.

When did Alsace become France?

The administrative incorporation of Alsace into France was completed by the French Revolution (1789), when the area was administratively divided into the two départements of Haut-Rhin and Bas-Rhin, and its existence as a separate province was ended.

Why did France want Alsace?

Well, initially Germany mainly wanted Alsace-Lorraine to act as a buffer zone in the event of any future wars with France. The area contains the Vosges Mountains, which would be much more defensible than the Rhine River if the French ever attempted to invade.

Is German spoken in Alsace?

The official language of Alsace is French. That makes sense, as it’s in France. German, however, is taught in all schools, simply because the proximity to Germany means it’s a very practical necessity.

Why did Germany want Alsace-Lorraine?