Is Alice human Touhou?

Is Alice human Touhou?

In Mystic Square, Alice appears as a Makai resident and refers to Reimu as “human”, implying that she may not be one in PC-98 canon.

Is Alice Margatroid a youkai?

Alice Margatroid is a heroic female youkai from Touhou who is known primarily for her skillful manipulation of many miniature dolls, most notably Shanghai and Hourai. One of a few known people to live in the Forest of Magic, she’s a skillful magician who is also known for being a loner.

How did Alice become a youkai?

During Mystic Square, as a stage 3 boss, she attempted to prevent the heroine from proceeding. After the events she returns as the extra stage boss. Because Alice had learnt new types of magic from the grimoire, it is likely she became a youkai before the second encounter due to the high level magic.

How tall is Alice Touhou?

Touhou School

Name Alice Margatroid Weak 1 —– 5 Strong
Height 147 cm (4’8″) Affection: 1
Three sizes 69 cm/53 cm/ 76 cm (27 in/21 in/ 30 in) Affection: 1
Class 2-D (High school, class president) Affection: 1
Clubs Theater Club, Puppet Meeting Affection: 1 Confidence: 3

What does Alice look like?

Alice is a very lovely, pretty and beautiful young girl with shoulder-length blonde hair and striking blue eyes. She usually wears a childish blue Victorian dress. She is shown as ghostly pale like many other English people. Her hair which is as yellow blonde as corn is usually down- showing her curls.

How tall is Tenshi?

approximately 7 inches tall
Tenshi stands approximately 7 inches tall!