Is a Renault Megane 2008 a good car?

Is a Renault Megane 2008 a good car?

The Megane’s powerplants have a good reliability record but customer satisfaction surveys show the Renault still has some way to go to approach the class best when it comes to reliability of electronics and servicing costs.

Are Renault Megane estate cars reliable?

This version of the Mégane just missed our most recent reliability survey, but we expect it to perform in a similar fashion to the previous model, which did pretty well, with an overall score of 83%. Renault as a brand finished 20th out of 32 manufacturers in the latest survey.

How good is a Renault Megane?

The Renault Megane is more stylish than ever, although it’s not the sharpest car in its class to drive. It has the looks and enough ability to attract some attention from buyers but, ultimately, it comes up short against the top competition.

How many miles to the gallon does a Renault Megane do?

Renault Megane MPG and CO2 It can return fuel economy of 80.7mpg (when fitted with stop-start technology) and has CO2 emissions of just 90g/km, for free road tax. The more powerful 1.6-litre diesel claims fuel economy of 70.6mpg, while road tax is just £20 a year. The best petrol engine is the 1.2-litre.

Is Renault Megane a sports car?

The Mégane RS won awards such as “Best hot hatch” from What car? (2010–2014), “Highest placed non-supercar” in Evo’s annual Car of the Year test 2011 and “Best hot hatch” from Top Gear….Renault Mégane RS.

Renault Mégane Renault Sport
Class Sport compact
Body style 3-door hatchback (2004–2016) 5-door hatchback (2004–2009, 2017–present)

What happened to the Renault Mégane?

As a result of Renault’s purchase, Yanase canceled its licensing contract for all Renault models sold in Japan, including, but not limited to, the Mégane I, in 2000, and Nissan took over as the sole licensee for Renault cars.

When did the Renault Megane 2nd generation come out?

The French carmaker introduced a refreshed version of the Megane’s second generation in 2006 for the entire range, including the station wagon. After a successful first-generation, Renault was ready to get more customers with the Megane sequel on the European market.

Is there an estate version of the Mégane?

The estate version of the original Mégane was only available in LHD form, with no RHD variants being built, this could be due to the greater popularity of the Scenic in those markets. The estate was added with the facelift of 1999, although pre-facelifted Mégane estates were sold from 1998 in Turkey, where it was manufactured.

How many engines does a Renault Megane have?

Speaking about the car, Renault’s chief designer Laurens van den Acker said, “Renault can produce cars with a Latin skin and a German heart”. It has nine engines available (four petrol and five diesel) with power outputs between 89 hp (65 kW) and 202 hp (149 kW).