Is a mirrored backsplash a good idea?

Is a mirrored backsplash a good idea?

Yes! Mirrors not only give you the illusion of more space, but they also offer a perfect opportunity to add a bit of style and design to your kitchen. They’re not for everyone, but the right mirror can be used as a backsplash to reflect light and add a little sparkle to your space.

Can you use a mirror as a splashback?

Are Mirror Splashbacks Heat Resistant? The quick answer to that is yes, toughened mirror splashbacks are very heat resistant and suitable for use behind any type of kitchen hob.

What tiles are best for kitchen splashback?

‘, we would always recommend Italian porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are a low maintenance choice for your kitchen. They’re perfect to be used as a tiled splashback as they’re durable, moisture-resistant and come in a variety of types from stone to marble effect to more contemporary designs, for example.

Are mirrored splashbacks expensive?

COST: A mirrored glass splashback will cost you around $450 per square metre, including installation. Again, add $40 per cut-out required for power points. Acrylic splashbacks give the illusion of glass, but they are a more cost-effective alternative and you can install them yourself.

Can you put mirror splashback on top of tiles?

The simple solution is to install a glass splashback on top of the tiles. Glass splashbacks are very easy to clean and do not need any tile grout so are ideal for these problem areas in the kitchen or bathroom.

How much does mirror backsplash cost?

Mirror Backsplash Cost The cost of a mirror backsplash is $480 to $780 installed. The cost of the materials averages $240 to $450. If you have a small or dark kitchen, use a mirror backsplash to look bigger and brighter. Mirrored backsplashes can be made of one large mirror or many mirrored tiles.

Are mirror tiles outdated?

Mirrored walls became a popular design choice between the 70s and the 90s. However, contrary to popular belief, mirrored walls are not outdated, and interior designers use them in various settings. A single wall mirror can make a difference in a room.

Can you use mirror as backsplash behind stove?

Yes, if you will do regular cleaning, you can use a mirror backsplash behind the stove. But rather than a clean mirror, an antique mirror might be a better option.

Do glass splashbacks crack?

Glass splashbacks can crack under the pressure of intense heat but this typically only happens when the incorrect glass is used. At CreoGlass we only create splashbacks using toughened glass. Good quality toughened glass is both heat resistant and safe.