Is 8 gates faster than raikage?

Is 8 gates faster than raikage?

Considering that Guy opens 8th gate he would be faster than Raikage. Guy’s power boost by opening the 8th gate was so great than even Rinnegan could not stop his attacks… Guy actually bent space with speed and power. But raikage’s strength is bot a temporary boost and may be faster than 7th gate.

Is Guy stronger than raikage?

Guy wins. A base shadow clone of Naruto was fast enough to fight and defeat the 3rd Rai Kage. KCM1 Naruto has speed on par with 7th gate Guy. The Rai Kage is strong, but Guy is a monster.

Did the raikage defeat Sasuke?

Sasuke was pretty much exhausted but his Kagutsuchi spikes would’ve spelled the Raikage’s end too. Just having it on his arm forced him to amputate it… So yeah, the Fourth Raikage dies by being engulfed in the flames and Sasuke probably dies by the Raikage crashing into him.

Can might guy beat 4th raikage?

It’s no contest. All Raikage has on him is speed in short bursts and strength with a cap, but he’s stupidly predictable given the fact that Guy can, not only, match him in speed without even needing to break Gate 4 but COMPLETELY eclipse him in strength.

Can might guy beat ay?

Ay would power up to a higher form of lightning cloak, and Guy would shift up to 7th gate. Guy would win, but if Ay was smarter he could win (by evading for a bit)—the only chance Ay has is to dodge and evade until Guy’s gate time runs out and then Ay will absolutely demolish Guy.

How is raikage so fast?

So basically to scale the raikage we need to scale from Sasuke’s kirin which was stated to move at 1/1000 of a second. This is a technique that in microseconds which is extremely fast. This is massively high hypersonic speeds and 1/3 the speed of light.

Is Tsunade stronger than the Raikage?

The difference in their strength is no were near as big as their difference in speed. Tsunade is stronger that A, especially if she releases her seal, but she is not miles stronger than him. On the another hand, A is much faster than Tsunade. Tsunade however has the healing factor on her side.

What if Gaara didnt stop Raikage?

If Gaara wouldn’t stop ay, the chances are that he would have lost a leg or his life. Sasuke’s susanoo ribcage already proved its worth protecting Sasuke with minor damage. The thing is, Sasuke wasn’t at full strength against Ay.

Can Deidara beat Sasuke?

9 Sasuke Versus Deidara Despite his cocky disposition, Deidara is veritably one of the Akatsuki’s most lethal members. The greatest reason Sasuke should have lost stems from a single ability in the arsonist’s arsenal, but one with virtually no counter.

Is Bee stronger than ay?

Both of them using their full power. It was kind of shown when Bee and him collided and Bee won in base form while Ay was in his fully released form. So Base Bee’s strength is greater than Ay’s.