Is 750 a good SAT Chemistry score?

Is 750 a good SAT Chemistry score?

The highly selective colleges and universities that require SAT Subject Tests will typically want to see a Chemistry Subject Test score of 700 or higher. Some students certainly get in with lower scores, but they are in the minority. Very top schools such as MIT will look for scores well above 700.

How many questions can you get wrong on SAT Chem?

Generally a raw score of 82 is required to obtain 800 in chem SAT. Henceforth it is mostly 2–3 questions that you can leave/ get wrong to get 800. This curve may change depending on the difficulty level of the test.

Is 760 on chem SAT good?

SAT Chemistry: You scored a 760, which is at the 71st percentile, which equates to a stanine of 6. A score of 800 would place you at the 88th percentile, which equates to a stanine of a high 7. These percentages fluctuate so if this becomes 89th percentile next year, it would be a stanine of low 8.

Is a 700 Math SAT score good?

Is a 700 a good SAT score? It places you in the bottom 2nd percentile nationally out of the 1.7 million test takers of the SAT entrance exam. The score indicates you’ve done a job answering the questions on the Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing sections of the test.

Is a 680 on SAT Subject Test good?

What’s a Good Subject Test Score? It depends on the college of your choice. A good SAT Subject Test Score is one that fits within the range of scores your college usually looks for or accepts. Many colleges are happy with scores of 650 or above, but highly selective schools may want to see a 700 or 750—or even higher.

What percentile is a 1400 on the SAT?

SAT Score Distribution

SAT Composite Score Range Percentile Score
1400-1450 94 to 97
1350-1400 91 to 94
1300-1350 87 to 91
1250-1300 81 to 87

Is a 600 on Math SAT good?

A good score on Math or EBRW, then, would be around 600. Percentiles can be used to see how well you did compared with other test-takers.

Is a 720 Math SAT good?

Students scoring a 720 in Evidence-Based Reading & Writing in the national pool in 2021 were in the 96th percentile nationally, and students scoring a 770 were in the 99th percentile. For Math, a score of 740 is in the 95th percentile nationally and 800 is 99th percentile.