How waterproof is the Rab kinetic jacket?

How waterproof is the Rab kinetic jacket?

The headline figure for how waterproof the Kinetic Alpine 2.0 is, is simple: 10,000mm of hydrostatic head. For those who don’t know what that means, that means in essence that the jacket can hold up 10,000mm (10 metres) of water before it starts to seep through.

Is the RAB kinetic Alpine jacket waterproof?

Rab’s Kinetic Alpine 2.0 is a lightweight and stretchy waterproof jacket, which combines the comfort of a softshell with the durability of a hardshell.

Are Rab jackets breathable?

Rab Kinetic Alpine With reinforced ceramic print overlays in high wear areas and a full alpine feature set, this waterproof, highly breathable, stretchy jacket will change the way you dress in the mountains.

Is Rab spark jacket waterproof?

Basement – Rab Spark Waterproof Jacket The Spark is a super versatile jacket designed to go anywhere and get involved in anything! The lightweight, durable waterproof fabric is combined with simple but effective features to make a great jacket that certainly provides value for money.

What’s the difference between Rab downpour and downpour plus?

While the Downpour is focused on a more daily and casual use, with a smaller, more snug hood or hidden zippers under a hem, the Plus version has a much more alpine approach, with hood with space for the helmet or heat-sealed zippers. Regarding tissue, sizing or impermeability, both jackets are identical.

What hydrostatic head is Gore-Tex?

Gore-Tex and eVent fabrics typically achieve figures of HH up to 30,000mm making them the most waterproof garments around, however some fabric manufacturers, most notably Polartec, argue that these figures are not necessary, and by accepting a figure of 20,000mm or thereabouts you can make a fabric considerably more …

What is a 2.5 layer?

2.5-Layer: The Lightest Like 2-layer and 3-layer constructions, this design uses a lightweight yet durable outer fabric as its first layer. The second “layer” is actually a polyurethane laminate or coating applied inside that first layer.

What is pertex shield?

Pertex® Shield fabrics are durable, waterproof and highly breathable. They have been developed to provide lightweight and versatile protection from the elements.

Is Rab Scottish brand?

Rab is a British manufacturer of clothing and equipment for climbing and mountaineering. The firm was founded in 1981 by Scottish climber Rab Carrington.