How to use ON error trigger in Oracle Forms?

How to use ON error trigger in Oracle Forms?

Declare error_item varchar2(50); curr_item_label varchar2(100); Begin error_item := :system. trigger_item; if error_type = ‘FRM’ and error_code = 40202 then curr_item_label := get_item_property(error_item, prompt_text); — you can use alert also to show the message message(curr_item_label || ‘ cannot be left blank.

Which of the following is used to capture the error code in Oracle Forms?

SQLCODE and SQLERRM return the last Oracle Server error code and message due to an explicit DML within a form application.

What is form level trigger in Oracle?

Form Triggers:- Trigger is collection of SQL , PL/SQL and Form coding statements executed based on the event. Triggers are executed automatically at run time based on an event. Triggers can be created in three levels. Form level triggers. Block level triggers.

What are transactional triggers in Oracle Forms?

Transactional triggers fire in response to a wide variety of events that occur as a form interacts with the data source.

  • On-Delete.
  • On-Insert.
  • On-Update.
  • On-Logon.
  • On-Logout.
  • Post-Database-Commit.
  • Post-Delete.
  • Post-Insert.

What is Sqlcode and Sqlerrm in Oracle?

SQLCODE and SQLERRM are Oracle’s built-in error reporting functions in PL/SQL. When an error occurs in PL/SQL at runtime: SQLCODE returns the number of the last encountered error. SQLERRM returns the message associated with its error-number argument.

For which trigger can you reference the new and old qualifiers?

The OLD and NEW qualifiers can be used only with row triggers. They cannot be used with statement triggers. The OLD and NEW qualifiers must be prefixed with a colon (:) in every SQL and PL/SQL statement except when they are referenced in a WHEN restricting clause.

What is difference between SQLCODE and Sqlerrm?

– SQLCODE: It returns the error number for the last encountered error. – SQLERRM: It returns the actual error message of the last encountered error.

How many times trigger statement executed?

3 Answers. Show activity on this post. It all depends on the type of trigger you are using. a statement level trigger will fire once for the whole statement.

What command removes triggers?

DROP TRIGGER statement
Which statement is used to remove a trigger? Explanation: In order to delete a trigger, the DROP TRIGGER statement is used. The DROP TRIGGER construct is used by writing the phrase ‘DROP TRIGGER’ followed by the scheme name specification. 5.