How old is Subotica?

How old is Subotica?

Subotica probably first became a settlement of note when people poured into it from nearby villages destroyed during the Tatar invasions of 1241–42. However the settlement has surely been older. It has been established that people inhabited these territories even 3000 years ago.

How many Hungarians are in Subotica?

According to 2011 census, Subotica had 97,910 people, of whom: Hungarians = 34,511 (32.66%) Serbs = 31,558 (29.86%) Croats = 9,698 (9.18%)

What language do they speak in Subotica?

Nowadays, Szabadka/Subotica is home to two main language groups, southern Slavic languages such a Serbian and Croatian (over sixty per cent) and Hungarian (thirty three per cent).

When did Subotica become part of Serbia?

Subotica was first mentioned in 1391, and it was included in Austria’s military frontier after the defeat of the Turks in the late 17th century. In spite of its large population of Hungarian descent, it became part of Yugoslavia in 1918.

What is Subotica known for?

There are plenty of things to see and do in Subotica: the city is famous for its elegant architecture, green parks, great food and laid back atmosphere. Hence, spending a day or two in this wonderful place is a must.

What is Sombor known for?

The history of Sombor is the history of a religiously open town, a place where different denominations could co-exist and flourish. This is seen in the varied religious architecture of the town today, and the city is full of cathedrals, monasteries, chapels and more.

What country is Subotica?

Subotica is a city in northern Vojvodina, Serbia. Formerly the largest city of Vojvodina region, contemporary Subotica is now the second largest city in the province, following Novi Sad. It is also the fifth largest city in Serbia.

Is Subotica worth visiting?

What is the meaning of Sombor?

Sombor (Serbian Cyrillic: Сомбор, pronounced [sɔ̂mbɔr]; Hungarian: Zombor; Rusyn: Зомбор / Zombor) is a city and the administrative center of the West Bačka District in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia.