How old is Kaylee McKeown?

How old is Kaylee McKeown?

20 years (July 12, 2001)Kaylee McKeown / Age

How old is Maddie Groves?

26 years (May 25, 1995)Madeline Groves / Age

How tall is Maddie Groves?

5′ 11″Madeline Groves / Height

What does Kyle Chalmers do for a living?

Kyle Chalmers, OAM (born 25 June 1998) is an Australian competitive swimmer who specialises in freestyle and butterfly events. He is the world record holder in the short course 100 metre freestyle.

Are the McKeown swimmers sisters?

Early life and education. McKeon was born on 24 May 1994 in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. She is the sister of Olympian David McKeon and the daughter of four-time Commonwealth gold medalist and two-time Olympian Ron McKeon, both of whom are also swimmers.

Does Kaylee McKeown have a sister?

Taylor McKeownKaylee McKeown / Sister

What is Kaylee Mckeowns personal best?

2020 QUEENSLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS In that same session, McKeown became Australia’s 2nd fastest women’s 400m IMer ever, posting a lifetime best of 4:32.73. First, in the 100m breast, McKeown hit a time of 1:07.85 to claim the bronze medal behind winner Chelsea Hodges (1:06.91) and silver medalist Abbey Harkin (1:07.33).

How often does Kaylee McKeown train?

McKeown takes us through her 2020, as well as her training style since the end of 2018, which doesn’t go by weeks, but rather by 3-week periods. Within each 21-day cycle, Mckeown says she trains for 17 of those days in a row and then gets 4 days off.

Who is Kaylee McKeown’s coach?

Mick Palfrey
“I have decided to stay on the Sunshine Coast…with the shoulder in injury the best thing for me is to look after my body and that has been a huge part of my decision to stay on the Sunshine Coast, with a new coach in Mick Palfrey,” said McKeown.

How tall is Kaylee McKeown?

5′ 9″Kaylee McKeown / Height

Where did Maddie Groves train?

Madeline Groves is a butterfly specialist from Queensland, Australia. She trains at St. Peters Western in Brisbane with Coach Michael Bohl, who also coached Stephanie Rice. She’s recently jumped onto the scene in international swimming, and is among the world’s best in both the 100m and 200m butterfly.

Why does Chalmers have spots on his body?

According to Healthline, it involves placing cups on the skin to create suction — which is why you see the dark red spots left on the skin of the athletes.