How much should range balls cost?

How much should range balls cost?

The driving range is relatively inexpensive for a bucket of balls. Expect to pay around $7 to $10 and have plenty of golf balls to be able to work on your game.

Do range balls go as far as normal golf balls?

Generally, range balls do not fly as far as regular golf balls. But the biggest difference isn’t necessarily that range balls typically fly shorter distances, but that they vary so widely in distance performance.

Are range balls any good?

Statistics have shown you may lose up to 10 yards of carry and total distance hitting range balls when using wedges or short irons, however results vary. Most testing has shown a negligible loss in distance when hitting range balls with driver, compared to regular balls.

How much does a bucket of range balls cost?

Driving Range

Range Balls
Medium Bucket (approximately 50 balls) $10.00
Large Bucket (approximately 75 balls) $13.00
Jumbo Bucket (approximately 200 balls) $24.00
15 Large Bucket Package (save $65 dollars; never expire) $135.00

What are Callaway range balls?

The most common range balls that you will see at golf courses are Callaway, Titleist, and Top Flite. The Callaway golf balls offer a great mixture of both feel and distance. You will find that the Callaway balls feel almost like regular golf balls and perform practically the same as well.

Can you bring your own golf balls to a driving range?

Can You Bring Your Own Golf Balls to a Driving Range? As a general rule driving ranges prohibit golfers from using their own balls as a matter of both policy and practicality.

How do I get a good deal in golf?

15 ways to play golf on the cheap

  1. Used clubs.
  2. Take a part-time job on a golf course.
  3. Internet instruction.
  4. Stop at your grocery store before your round.
  5. Go hunting for balls in the winter.
  6. Buy refurbished/recycled golf balls.
  7. Walk instead of riding a cart.
  8. Organize a trip to a cheaper area.

How far should I hit 5 iron?

The average golfer should be able to hit a five iron 160 yards. This is for a player with average swing speed. The faster swinging players should be able to get 170 to 180 yards out of their five iron. Golfers with very slow swing speeds may only see 150 or fewer yards out of their five iron.