How much RAM do I need for gw2?

How much RAM do I need for gw2?

Minimum System Requirements

Guild Wars 2 (core game, Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire)
Video NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GTS ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT Intel Iris 5100 or better (512MB of video RAM and shader model 3.0 or better)
Memory 4 GB RAM
Storage 50 GB available HDD space
Internet Broadband Internet connection

What engine does Guild Wars 2 use?

Havok physics system
Guild Wars 2 uses a heavily modified version of the proprietary game engine developed for Guild Wars by ArenaNet. The modifications to the engine include real-time 3D environments, enhanced graphics and animations and the use of the Havok physics system.

Is Holosmith good for PvP?

A Holosmith PvP build with great damage, pulling its weight anywhere from duels to teamfights.

What is the best skills of the engineer in Torchlight 2?

Engineer Build #2 Fire & Spark and Bulwark are a must-have for any Construction based build, and Heavy Lifting along with Coup de Grace allows you to do great with your standard hits when you run out of mana.

How do you install Guild Wars 2?

– Download the Guild Wars client. – Run GwSetup.exe to install the Guild Wars client on your PC. – At the log-in screen, click the “Create Account or Add Access Key” link. – Enter your Access Key and follow the registration directions.

What makes Guild Wars 2 good?

Guild Wars 2 is 100% worth playing. The build craft is very good only beaten by maybe eve online. The way the game stops vertical progression and then does more horizontal progression is quite nice and different than other games.

Can You respec in Guild Wars 2?

You can make up the cost of the respec by selling level 80 blues. Knowing your “proper role” in GW2 is not only about what particular trait lines and Major traits you have equipped, but also about whether or not you have the knowledge and skill to play effectively.

What is the best server for Guild Wars 2?

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