How much money is required to open a bank account in Icici?

How much money is required to open a bank account in Icici?

The minimum Monthly Average Balance (MAB) required to be maintained for a Savings Account is Rs. 10,000/- in metro and urban locations, Rs. 5,000/- in semi-urban and Rs. 2,000/- in rural locations.

What are the requirements to open a bank account in ICICI Bank?

* Identity proof to open Savings Bank Accounts

  • Passport.
  • PAN card.
  • Voter ID card.
  • Driving licence.
  • Government ID card.
  • Senior citizen ID card.

Can I open my Icici account online?

Open instant ICICI Bank savings account online. Internet banking and mobile banking facility available. The facility of safe deposits locker facility, nomination available in ICICI Bank.

Can I open ICICI Bank account online without visiting branch?

Open an Insta Save Account. No Paperwork, No Branch Visits, No Hassle!

Does ICICI Bank allow zero balance account?

Zero Balance Saving Account. Pockets Zero Balance Account – ICICI Bank.

What is the limit of Icici zero balance account?

Basic Savings Bank Account

Available to All Cities
Issue of DD drawn on ICICI Bank by cheque/transfer Nil
Statement Passbook facility available free of cost
Debit Card annual fees Nil
Debit Card limit Daily spending/withdrawal limit: Rs 10,000/ Rs 10,000

Which is better Icici or HDFC?

ICICI Bank scored higher in 2 areas: Work-life balance and Culture & Values. HDFC Bank scored higher in 3 areas: Overall Rating, Compensation & Benefits and CEO Approval. Both tied in 4 areas: Career Opportunities, Senior Management, % Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook.

Does Icici pay interest on salary account?

The interest rate is fixed at 3% for amount below Rs. 50 lakh and 3.50% for the amount above Rs. 50 lakh.

Is Aadhaar card enough for opening bank account?

For opening a bank account you need certain documents. Without them, you cannot open a bank savings account. Documents that you need to open a savings account in a bank are – your valid photo identification proof like Aadhaar card or PAN card, passport, driving license etc.

How can I get passbook from Icici salary account?

Simply visit any nearest ICICI bank branch and ask for issuance of passbook, it would be provided to you over the counter. Go to your branch and request for one. The statements will be disabled. Although initial passbook is issued at your branch, subsequent updation can be done from any branch.

Which is better ICICI or HDFC?