How much is the salary of non voice in the Philippines?

How much is the salary of non voice in the Philippines?

The estimated total pay for a NON VOICE is PHP 77,000 per year in the Philippines area, with an average salary of PHP 17,000 per year.

What are the qualifications to be a non voice call center agent?


  • Have at least a HS Diploma but preferrably with a Bachelor’s Degree in any course.
  • Be willing to work in Quezon City, Pasig City or Mandaluyong City.
  • Have good English communication skills (both oral and written).
  • Have 30-35wpm typing skills.
  • Work experience is not required.

What is non voice job in call center?

Non-voice business process outsourcing (BPO) is a subsection of BPO in which employees do not work not in call centers or other areas where they would talk with customers, but are placed in jobs performing back-office tasks; thus, they do not use their voice.

What is a non voice account associate?

Agents who work for call center services but do not perform calling tasks are non-voice agents. They perform the office tasks totally and possess different quality than normal call center agents. The non-voice agents perform service like handling the customers through emails, messages etc.

Which is better voice or non voice process?

Real-time interaction is possible with both voice and non-voice-based services. However, non-voice support is definitely faster than your voice channels. Live chat agents are supposed to have the lowest response time, as canned messages can be used for generic queries.

What are the skills required for non-voice process?

What is Non-Voice process? Unlike the call center outbound, this process does not require to receive or make a phone call to the customers. This process requires the skill for writing or typing and the ability to understand the type of query for making the right processing.

How do I attend a Non-Voice interview?

A non-voice BPO interview is quite similar to a voice one….

  1. What steps have you taken to be more successful in your career?
  2. How do you work under pressure?
  3. Describe your ideal job.
  4. What can you offer us?
  5. What are your most redeeming qualities?
  6. Can you tell us about your biggest failures and how you dealt with them?

Why should we hire you for non-voice process?

Your answer should emphasise the advantages of being in this industry – the chance to strengthen your communication skills and improve your personality, be part of a booming industry and enjoy the salary and perks that come with the job.