How much is paragliding in Queenstown?

How much is paragliding in Queenstown?

$205 per person
The cost for the winter paragliding flight in Queenstown is $205 per person. You also need to pay $15 for the chair lift ride to the summit of Coronet Peak although if you already have a ski pass for the day then you will not need to pay the $15 extra.

How long is paragliding Queenstown?

approximately 10 minutes
The flight time for the G Force paragliding in Queenstown is dependent on the weather conditions on the day. In general, the flight is approximately 10 minutes but it can be a little shorter or longer depending on the winds and thermal activity.

Can you paraglide in NZ?

Yes, paragliding activity in New Zealand is conducted by highly trained instructors, and safety gear is used to ensure a safe flight.

How old do you have to be to paraglide in NZ?

16 or over
If you’re working you can do the course in stages, eg on your days off. We run a paragliding day course every second day. What age can I learn to paraglide? Legally you have to be 16 or over, or if you are under 16 you need your parental consent to learn to fly in New Zealand.

Do you need a Licence to paraglide NZ?

Do I need a license to fly? Yes. The NZ Civil Aviation Rule Part 106 requires that each pilot of a hang glider or paraglider shall: be a bona fide member of a hang gliding organisation; and.

Is paragliding easier than skydiving?

Paragliding involves a more intimate knowledge of specific weather conditions. While seeking this knowledge is a rewarding journey, it takes time and effort. Skydiving is much simpler – poke your head out of the window in the morning and if it is blue up there you have a pretty good chance of jumping.

How much does it cost to start paragliding?

Paragliding is prohibitively expensive. A paraglider is the cheapest, simplest aircraft in the world. Prices for a complete set of gear range from $3,000-$6,000, and training for a basic license (USHPA’s P2, which qualifies a student to fly on their own, without a tandem pilot) costs around $1,000.