How much is a John Deere 4066R cost?

How much is a John Deere 4066R cost?

$56,900. NEW JD 4066R CAB, 6-year warranty, 0% financing or cash discounts available, full CAB w/heat & AC, E-Hydro transmission, industrial turf tires, 66hp diesel engine, joystick and mid-remotes included, attachments available, shipping available, call or email for more information.

How many horsepower is a John Deere 4066R tractor?

Key Specs

Engine power (gross) 48.5 kW 65.9 hp PS at 2600 rpm SAE J1995 rated power
Power take-off (PTO) power PRT – 40.4 kW 54.2 hp eHST – 38.7 kW 52 hp Per SAE J1995
Steering hydraulics 23.5 L/min 6.2 gpm
Implement hydraulics 42.3 L/min 11.2 gpm
Hitch type Category 1

How much can a John Deere 4066R pull?

Manufacturer John Deere
Hitch Category Cat. I
Hitch Lift Capacity 2500 lbs
Power Take-Off
Standard PTO Rear 540 @ 2600 rpm

How long is a John Deere 4066R with loader?

John Deere 4066R Dimensions

Wheelbase: 73 inches 185 cm
Length: 130.6 inches 331 cm
Height (ROPS): 100.2 inches 254 cm
Height (cab): 97.4 inches 247 cm

Where is John Deere 4066R made?

Augusta, Georgia
John Deere 4066R

Manufacturer: John Deere
Type: Compact Utility tractor
Factory: Augusta, Georgia, USA

What is the largest hydrostatic tractor?

MX5800 diesel utility tractor
“Available this month at dealerships nationwide, Kubota’s MX5800 diesel utility tractor is the largest crossover hydrostatic tractor on the market, with one of the smoothest running 4-cylinder diesel engines in the industry,” said Paul Williams, senior product manager for Kubota.

Which John Deere tractor has hydrostatic?

The John Deere S100 lawn tractor is the most affordable 42-inch deck model of the 100 Series line up. The ride is comfortable. The S100 features a hydrostatic transmission, side-by-side foot pedals, enhanced styling, adjustable controls and 11-in back seat.

Does a John Deere 4066R use def?

No diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) additions are required. For the 4066R, rated power comes at 2600 rpm and is 65 gross and 54 power take-off (PTO).

How wide is a John Deere compact tractor?

Inside diameter: 2.24-2.26 cm (0.88 to 0.89 in.) Outside diameter: 3.63-3.66 cm (1.43 to 1.44 in.)