How much does an EUV lithography machine cost?

How much does an EUV lithography machine cost?

around $150 million each
ASML’s most advanced machines in current commercial production, known as EUV lithography systems because of the “Extreme Ultraviolet” light waves they use to map out the circuitry of computer chips, are as big as a bus and cost around $150 million each.

Who makes extreme ultraviolet lithography machines?

ASML makes these EUV machines. The Dutch company is currently working on the next-generation of the tool — and Intel is in line to receive one.

Is ASML the only EUV company?

Before EUV, chipmakers could buy DUV lithography machines from three companies: ASML, Nikon and Canon. While Nikon, in Japan, is still a competitor in that market, ASML is the only option for EUV.

Does China have EUV?

EUV versus conventional lithography. China’s ability to buy EUV hardware is instrumental to any effort towards semiconductor manufacturing independence. EUV replaces DUV (Deep Ultraviolet Lithography) and is less efficient and more difficult to use by virtually any metric one cares to name.

Who make lithography machines?

It’s a Dutch company called ASML, which nearly exclusively makes lithography machines for chip manufacturing. Despite this hyperspecialization, it has a market capitalization of more than $150 billion dollars—much higher than IBM’s and only slightly lower than Tesla’s.

Why is NA EUV high?

High-NA EUV lithography comes with a significant redesign of the optics within the scanner, allowing light with larger angles of incidence to hit the wafer – giving the system a higher resolution. At equal scanner magnification, this would come with a drawback.

Is TSMC using EUV?

As TSMC revealed, as of 2020, it already owned half of the world’s operating EUV lithography machines. With EUV machines representing a large proportion of TSMC’s capital expenditure, their high costs will in turn be transferred to TSMC’s 3nm process.

What is the future of ASML?

EPS Growth (YOY) It will also sell its newer high-NA EUV systems, which will be used to manufacture the world’s smallest 3nm and 2nm chips from 2022 to 2025, at even higher margins. That’s why analysts expect ASML’s earnings per share to grow 22% in 2022 and increase another 17% in 2023.

Can China produce its own chips?

China can mass-produce almost anything, but microchips, especially high-end ones, are still beyond its reach. To change that, China established a $22 billion investment fund in 2014 and added $29 billion to it in 2019, although little has come of it so far.

Is China making their own chips?

China is pushing to develop its own chips — but the country can’t do without foreign tech. Chinese technology giants from Alibaba to Baidu have been designing their own chips, a move seen as progress towards China’s goal to boost its domestic capabilities in a critical technology.

Can China make lithography?

China created the first independent new lithography machine, which can make 10nm chips in the future. The lithography machine is the core role of the integrated circuit manufacturing industry.