How much does a Broderson IC 80 weight?

How much does a Broderson IC 80 weight?

16,750 lbs

Height 7′ 3″
Lifting Capacity 18,000 lbs. (9 Tons)
Max Tip Height 46′ (with Boom Extension)
Boom Rotation 360° Continuous
Gross Vehicle Weight 16,750 lbs (7,600 kg)

How wide is a Broderson Crane?

IC 200 Industrial Carry Deck Crane

Capacity on Outriggers 30,000 lbs (16,330 kg)
Self-Loading Carry Deck Capacity 17,000 lbs (centered)
Height 8′ (2.45 m)
Width 7′ 10.5″ (2.4 m)
Maximum Tip Height 73′ 8″ (22.5 m)

What is a carry deck crane?

What Is a Carry Deck Crane? Carry deck cranes are versatile pick-and-carry cranes. They’re built for lifting material that needs a low-profile and compact crane. Because carry deck cranes are small, they’re ideal when it comes to operating in narrow spaces or around overhead obstacles.

How much boom does a 15 ton Broderson have?

36 ft
Carry Deck Crane Information

Max Cap 15 US Tons
Boom 36 ft
Fixed Jib 15 ft

What is IC 200?

The IC-200-G is a self-propelled Industrial Crane designed for material handling and installation, maintenance and repair of equipment, with special features of self-loading cargo decks, 4-wheel steer, and front-wheel drive (4-wheel drive optional). The basic unit consists of a chassis and hydraulic boom assembly.

Who makes carry deck cranes?

Popular in the construction and industrial industries since 1973, Broderson cranes offer a broad line of rough terrain and carry deck cranes that feature a rugged design and long service life. With their popular IC-80 and IC 200 models, Broderson cranes is the leading pick and carry crane manufacturer in North America.

Is 00200 a C?

IS-0200. c follows NIMS guidelines and meets the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Baseline Training requirements for ICS 200. This course is a part of the series of ICS courses designed to meet the all-hazards, all-agency NIMS ICS requirement for operational personnel.

Who uses a crane?

1. Residential and Commercial Construction. Residential construction companies can benefit from rental cranes on site. Since building projects can include multifamily homes, modular construction projects and single-family units, a crane allows crews to move heavy equipment or lift materials to higher floors.