How much did the Sydney Light Rail cost?

How much did the Sydney Light Rail cost?

In November 2019, the Minister for Transport announced that the revised construction costs for the project were $2.9 billion, based on a briefing prepared by TfNSW staff. The briefing stated the updated estimated total cost of the project was $2.993 billion (excluding financing costs).

How much did NSW spend on light rail?

Key points: The light rail cost is $3.147 billion, not $2.9 billion as announced by the State Government. The auditor-general’s report raised concerns about public transparency around the project’s costs.

What is the purpose of the Sydney Light Rail?

Light rail redefines travel through the city, decongesting key routes through the CBD and linking up with important locations such as the sporting and entertainment facilities in Moore Park and Randwick, along with the University of NSW, TAFE and hospital precincts.

Why did Sydney Light Rail Fail?

Cracks have been discovered in all 12 trams servicing the inner west light rail, which runs from Dulwich Hill to Central Station, forcing the closure of the entire system for up to 18 months.

How much did it cost to build the light rail?

$3.1 billion
The final cost of the Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail will exceed $3.1 billion according to an NSW Auditor-General Report. The $3.1bn figure is $200 million above the latest revised cost released by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) of $2.9bn, which was announced in November 2019.

Who built the Sydney Light Rail?

A contract for early construction works was awarded to Laing O’Rourke in July 2014. In February 2014, three consortia were short listed for the main contract – covering the construction and operation of the line: Connecting Sydney – Acciona Infrastructure Australia, Alstom, Capella Capital & Transdev.

Who owns Sydney Light Rail?

Transport for NSW
Light rail in Sydney

Sydney light rail network
Alstom Citadis 305s in Sydney’s CBD
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Owner Transport for NSW

What is the Sydney Light Rail Project?

The Sydney light rail projects are designed to integrate with other transport services, to create more connections and more travel options. Increasing and improving the light rail network in Sydney will provide a cleaner, quieter and less invasive form of transport.

Who built Sydney light rail?

The inner west trams were made by Spanish manufacturer CAF, whereas those used on the $3.1 billion eastern suburbs light rail line were built by French company Alstom.

How much does Sydney Metro cost?

The Herald reported last year that the cost of the biggest part of the network – the Metro West line between central Sydney and Parramatta – risks ballooning to almost $27 billion, which is nearly $3 billion more than earlier estimates.

Why did Sydney get rid of monorail?

By Heckler. Sydney closed down and dug up all its tramlines between 1939 and 1962, because it was the fashion to replace tramways with buses. Sydney had a bigger tram network than Melbourne. We all think we live in a more enlightened age that would never do something that silly.