How many touchdowns does Tom Brady average per game?

How many touchdowns does Tom Brady average per game?

1.96 passing touchdowns
Tom Brady has 1.96 passing touchdowns per game played in his career.

How many touchdowns has Tom Brady won?

Tom Brady made 624 touchdown passes in his career.

Tom Brady 318 624

Who caught Tom Brady’s first TD pass?

Brady’s first career touchdown pass with the New England Patriots — a 21-yarder to Terry Glenn on Oct. 14, 2001 — was also thrown into the stands by his receiver.

Who caught Tom Brady’s last touchdown?

receiver Mike Evans
Brady’s 55-yard touchdown pass was caught by wide receiver Mike Evans, which cut the Rams’ lead to 27-20 with 3:20 left to play in the fourth quarter.” And just hours after the Lelands auction was closed, Brady announced his return to the NFL for his 23rd season.

Why is Tom Brady the best quarterback?

Regular season. Tom Brady’s regular-season numbers will impress any NFL fan.

  • Regular season continued…. Leader : Aaron Rodgers – 104.1 Leader: Drew Brees – 66.6
  • Playoffs. From a statistical perspective,Brady is already the greatest postseason quarterback in NFL history.
  • Playoffs continued….
  • Super Bowl.
  • Super Bowl continued….
  • How many career touchdown passes does Tom Brady have?

    Tom Brady has thrown 541 passing touchdowns to 77 different targets in the regular season and 73 touchdowns to 28 targets in the postseason during his career. In 2019, he surpassed longtime archrival Peyton Manning for second place on the NFL’s all-time touchdown passes list.

    How many total wins does Tom Brady have?

    Tom Brady has a 240-74 record in his career. How many career wins does Tom Brady have Including playoffs? Who has the most career wins in the NFL? Tom Brady Tom Brady has the most career wins, with 239 wins. Does any quarterback have a winning record against Tom Brady?

    Which NFL team passed on Tom Brady?

    Tom team’s constant second-half mistakes to tie things up with under a minute remaining. Unfortunately for Brady and the Bucs, Matthew Stafford connected with Cooper Kupp on a huge pass