How many horsepower is a 340 Magnum tractor?

How many horsepower is a 340 Magnum tractor?

410 hp
The Magnum™ 340 offers exceptional operator comfort combined with a max boosted 410 hp, plus an optional CVXDrive transmission lets you power through all your tasks, comfortably and smoothly. Available in four-wheeled or with Case IH oscillating rear RowTrac™ configurations.

How much horsepower does a Case IH 340 have?

CaseIH Magnum 340

CaseIH Magnum 340 Power
Engine (gross): 340 hp 253.5 kW
Engine (max): 374 hp 278.9 kW
PTO (claimed): 290 hp 216.3 kW
Drawbar (tested): 256.51 hp 191.3 kW

What is a Magnum tractor?

Magnum™ Series The ultimate mix of industry-leading horsepower and fuel efficiency and available in wheel or track configurations. All Model Year 2019 Magnum tractors will include a three-year, 2,000-hour factory warranty.

Where are Magnum tractors made?

A number of improvements were added to the Magnum 7100 series tractors after the launch. In January 1993, Magnum tractor cab production moved from East Moline, Illinois, to Racine in order to simplify component production.

What is the biggest Case IH Magnum?

The most powerful tractor in the AFS Connect Magnum™ series, the 400 combines all the capabilities of Case IH AFS with a 396 hp (non-boosted) and an impressive PTO 345 hp to handle any task, anytime. Available in wheeled and RowTrac configurations.

How many HP is a case 7140?

CaseIH 7140

CaseIH 7140 Power
PTO (claimed): 195 hp 145.4 kW
PTO (tested): 197.53 hp 147.3 kW
power test details …

Where are Case International tractors made?

Case IH’s high-horsepower tractors are produced in Fargo, North Dakota (Steiger Series Tractor), Racine Wisconsin (Magnum Series Tractor) and Curitiba, Brazil (Magnum Series and Maxxum Series Tractors).

How much is a Case IH Magnum?

Dealer Advertised Price on CaseIH Magnum 290 tractors = $111,416.

What are the specs of a 2018 Case IH Magnum 340?

ON HAND .. just in 2018 Case IH Magnum 340 Rowtrac 24 inch undercarriage.. 24 inch tracks 120 inch row spacing Suspended front axle Luxury suspended leather cab HUGE WARRANTY REMAINS B… See More Details UNIT# UAG905. 2018 CASEIH MAGNM 340 CVT TRACTOR.

What are the specs of the IH 340rt luxury performance cab?

18 Case IH Magnum 340RT Luxury Performance Cab 360 LED Lighting W/Front HID RH Armrest Display Ready Autoguidance Ready 18F/6R Full Powershift Cat lV High Capacity Drawbar 3 PT Hitch High Capacity …See More Details

How many remotes on a 340 AFS connect twin flow?

Just in from local farmer.. heading to clean/service 2021 Case IH Magnum 340 AFS Connect Twin Flow 75 gpm Hydraulic pump 6 remotes PLANTER SPECIFICATION TRACTOR NARROW 20 inch row configura…See More Details