How many days a year does it rain in Windermere?

How many days a year does it rain in Windermere?

Weather by month // weather averages Windermere

January August
Max. Temperature °C (°F) 4.8 °C (40.7) °F 16.3 °C (61.4) °F
Precipitation / Rainfall mm (in) 146 (5.7) 123 (4.8)
Humidity(%) 91% 84%
Rainy days (d) 13 14

What is the normal temperature in Las Vegas in May?

May Weather in Las Vegas Nevada, United States. Daily high temperatures increase by 10°F, from 85°F to 94°F, rarely falling below 74°F or exceeding 104°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 9°F, from 61°F to 70°F, rarely falling below 52°F or exceeding 78°F.

What is the wettest month in the Lake District?

March to June tend to be the driest months, with October to January the wettest, but at low levels there is relatively little difference between months.

Is Nevada hot in May?

Las Vegas, Nevada begins to get a taste in May of the extremely hot weather that will dominate for the next few months. This usually is the first month for 100-degree Fahrenheit temperatures (over 37 degrees Celsius) and thunderstorms.

Does Windermere have snow?

Temperatures at the surface generally need to be at or below 2C (36F). However, it can snow when they are higher, particularly in the spring when the air is often drier and the dew points are correspondingly lower.

Why is the Lake District so wet?

Why does it rain so much in the Lake District? The prevailing westerly winds cross the Atlantic Ocean picking up large amounts of moisture. The air hits the Lake District hills and is forced to rise where it cools and the moisture condenses to form rain. This is called relief or orographic rainfall.

Is May a good time to visit the Lake District?

As trees start budding with leaves and the hard ground softens, there really is no more magical time to enjoy this region. The weather can be changeable so be prepared, but with May historically one of the driest months in Cumbria, a half-term break may be just the time to visit.

What is the weather like in May in Lake District?

Average High and Low Temperature in Lake District National Park

Average Jan May
High 42°F 56°F
Temp. 38°F 50°F
Low 35°F 44°F

Is Vegas too hot in May?

Although it’s getting warmer, the May heat in Vegas is comfortable, especially when compared to the city’s scorching midsummer temperatures. However, you may need a sweater at nighttime if you can’t tolerate the crispness of the desert air.

Is May a good month to visit Las Vegas?

The best time to visit Las Vegas is from March to May and from September to November. While you’ll find plenty of travel deals throughout the year, the spring and fall shoulder seasons offer the most moderate weather.