How many countries are in Francophonie?

How many countries are in Francophonie?

88 member countries
The Francophonie is also an institution, dedicated since 1970 to promoting the French language and political, educational, economic and cultural cooperation among the 88 member countries of the Organisation internationale of la Francophonie (OIF) [International Organisation of La Francophonie].

What is the meaning of La Francophonie?

noun. 1usually the Francophonie or la FrancophonieA loosely united group of nations in which French is a first, official, or culturally significant language.

Why is Thailand suspended from the Francophonie?

Thailand has a history of international relations with France for more than 300 years, since the Ayutthaya Kingdom of Thailand (See Thailand-France relations). Suspended on 27 June 2014 following the 2013–14 political crisis.

Why was Francophonie created?

The OIF was created so as to facilitate cooperation between its members on cultural, political, and economic issues and, through its actions, to promote the French language and linguistic diversity as well as democracy, peace, intercultural dialogue, education, and sustainable development.

Who runs La Francophonie?

Louise MUSHIKIWABO, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Rwanda, was elected by the Heads of State and Government as Secretary General of La Francophonie for a four-year term, from 01 January 2019, replacing Mrs. Michaelle JEAN.

What is the difference between Francophonie and Francophonie?

francophonie (without capital f), refers to all the peoples or groups of speakers who use French in their daily lives or their communications. Francophonie (with a capital F), refers to all the governments of the countries or official bodies which have in common the use of French in their work or their trade.

Who is the leader of La Francophonie?

Louise Mushikiwabo was appointed Secretary General of La Francophonie at the 17th Summit of La Francophonie held in Yerevan, Armenia, and has held this position since January 2019.

Who is in the OIF?

The organization comprises 88 member states and governments; of these, 54 states and governments are full members, 7 are associate members and 27 are observers.

Why is Francophonie Day celebrated?

Celebrating La Francophonie is recognizing the potential of language and culture to unite people, to create spaces of solidarity and mutual understanding, to reflect together on our common future.

Who invented Francophonie?

Onésime Reclus
Introduction. The French geographer, Onésime Reclus, first coined the term Francophonie in the nineteenth century. The term never really caught on until the 1960s when Léopold Senghor, first president of Sénégal, used it consistently.

What countries are part of La Francophonie?

List of Member Countries of La Francophonie:

  • Belgium.
  • Benin*
  • Bulgaria**
  • Burkina Faso*
  • Burundi*
  • Cambodia*
  • Cameroon*
  • Canada.

Who are the fathers of Francophonie?

It presents the so-called founding fathers of the geocultural project. A specific attention is paid to Léopold Sédar Senghor and Habib Bourguiba and the signature of the treaty of Niamey, the 20th March of 1970.

Who is the director of Francofonia?

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What is the organization of the Francophonie?

Finally in 2005, the adoption of a new Charter of the Francophonie ( la Charte de la Francophonie) gives the name to the Agency of international Organisation of the Francophonie ( Organisation internationale de la Francophonie ). The position of Secretary-General was created in 1997 at the seventh leaders’ summit held in Hanoi.

What is the movie Francofonia about?

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What is the Charte de la Francophonie?

The Charte de la Francophonie defines the role and missions of the organization. The current charter was adopted in Antananarivo, on 23 November 2005. The summit held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on 26–27 November 2004 saw the adoption of a strategic framework for the period 2004–2014.