How long is each Mass Effect game?

How long is each Mass Effect game?

The original Mass Effect is easily the shortest with the second two games about equal in their running time. Mass Effect 1: 15-30 hours depending on playstyle. Mass Effect 1 w/ DLC: 17 – 32 hours. Mass Effect 2: 24-35 hours depending on playstyle.

Is Mass Effect 1 the shortest?

The original Mass effect is the shortest game of the three. Players can expect to beat it in just under 20 hours if they simply make their way through the main story, or about 30 hours if they also try complete all side content.

How many hours does it take to beat the Mass Effect trilogy?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 13 76h 19m
Main + Extras 13 86h 42m
Completionists 14 114h 01m
All PlayStyles 40 92h 53m

Can you keep playing after Mass Effect 1?

Unfortunately, Mass Effect 1 is an outlier; the game doesn’t spin back time automatically, so players will need to manually choose a save file before the ending.

Is Mass Effect 1 long?

In total, though, Mass Effect 1 takes 18-30 hours to beat on average, depending on how players pace themselves throughout the game. Those that are really invested in the game can expect to spend even longer than that, though, possibly even upwards of 40 hours total for completionists.

Is Mass Effect worth playing?

Even though there’s some degree of clunkiness still present in the original Mass Effect, it’s definitely worth playing today. It does a good job of kicking off the trilogy, and at times it feels more focused than either of its sequels.

Can I romance Miranda after suicide mission?

Miranda’s Loyalty mission cannot be failed. Regardless of choices made during the mission, Oriana will be safe, and Miranda will pledge her Loyalty. Shepard will want to talk to her immediately following the mission for closure. There are no romantic dialogue options during this conversation.

Can you do side missions after beating Mass Effect 1?

The game tells you pretty clearly multiple times when you’re about to go to the final storyline missions and you can’t do sidequests anymore. You can restart the game with the same character you just finished the game with.