How long does it take to read the Bible in 90 days?

How long does it take to read the Bible in 90 days?

3 months
-The 90 day Bible program is done in 3 months. You make a 3 month commitment to read 12 pages of Scripture, & you have completed your goal. But those 12 pages are long!

What should I read after exodus?

The Best Order to Read the Bible for Beginners

  • Genesis.
  • Exodus.
  • Joshua.
  • 1 Samuel.
  • 2 Samuel.
  • 1 Kings.
  • 2 Kings.
  • Ezra.

Can you read the Bible in 40 days?

That means reading the Bible in 40 days, requires reading about 30 chapters per day. And if you have a commute, errands, and like to take a walk each day, you can listen to an audio version of the Bible. About 45 minutes of Bible listening a day for forty days and you’ll have covered the whole Scripture! It’s a lot.

How many chapters do you have to read a day to read the Bible in 6 months?

Of course, some books have more chapters and verses than others, so plan accordingly. With all that in place, it’s time to choose one of three basic Bible reading plans: traditional (one book per day), daily devotions (three chapters each weekday), or weekly devotionals.

In what order should a beginner read the Bible?

Below we go through how you can start and suggest an order that may work for you:

  • The book of John. The story of where Jesus came from, his mission, and function.
  • The book of James.
  • The book of Mark.
  • The book of Genesis.
  • The book of Exodus.
  • The book of Romans.
  • The book of Galatians.
  • The book of 1 John.

Can you read the Bible in 6 months?

Overall, there are 66 books in the Bible (73 for the full Catholic version). That means, if you’re reading one book per day, it will take you 66 separate days to read the full Bible. Since there are about 180 days in sixth months, you could reach your goal by reading about one book every two or three days.

Why is 40 days so significant in the Bible?

Christianity. Christianity similarly uses forty to designate important time periods. Before his temptation, Jesus fasted “forty days and forty nights” in the Judean desert (Matthew 4:2, Mark 1:13, Luke 4:2). Forty days was the period from the resurrection of Jesus to the ascension of Jesus (Acts 1:3).