How good is Frontier customer service?

How good is Frontier customer service?

Frontier Customer Reviews Summary Overall Frontier customers rated them a 3.5 out of 5, which is ranked 7th of the 10 internet provider customers we surveyed in our study.

Is Frontier a good company?

Frontier ranks in an impressive seven out of the eight categories it’s eligible for in our Best Internet Service Provider ratings. It takes seventh in the Best Overall rating, second place in Best ISPs for Rural Areas, plus it’s No. 1 in Best DSL Internet Providers and Best ISPs for Gaming.

How do I complain to Frontier Communications?

Frontier Communications complaints contacts

  1. Call Customer Care on 1 (800) 921-8101.
  2. Call Technical Support on 1 (800) 921 8104.
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Has Frontier gotten any better?

Frontier has some good things going for it—namely, no data caps, no contracts, and a fiber-optic network. Between Frontier’s Fiber internet service and its DSL service, we think Fiber is the better deal….Frontier customer service.

Provider ACSI 2021 score
Frontier Internet 57 out of 100

How is Frontier Communications doing?

Frontier reported Q1 2021 revenue of $1.68 billion, down 6.3 percent year over year. Net income was $60 million, an improvement over Frontier’s $186 million loss in Q1 2020. Frontier said it makes $56 per month on average from fiber Internet customers and $40.10 per month from copper Internet customers.

How do I escalate an issue on Frontier?

So to get help with issues about your Fios Internet with Frontier communications, you call 1-203-614-5600, press 1 and talk to the escalation department.

How much does Frontier charge for internet only?

Frontier internet plans and prices

Frontier Internet Plan Frontier Internet Prices
Frontier Basic Internet Starting at $37.99/mo.
Frontier Preferred Internet (DSL) Starting at $44.99/mo.
Frontier Premium Internet (DSL) Starting at $54.99/mo.
FiberOptic 50 Starting at $49.99/mo.

Is Frontier Internet going out of business?

Frontier filed for bankruptcy in April 2020 with a plan to cut more than $10 billion of its $17 billion debt load by handing ownership to bondholders. It was the biggest telecom filing since WorldCom in 2002, reflecting years of decline in its business of providing internet, TV and phone service in 29 states.

Is Frontier owned by Verizon?

Frontier Communications ILEC Holdings, Inc. is a company created by Verizon Communications in 2009….Frontier Communications ILEC Holdings.

Type Subsidiary of Frontier
Parent Verizon (2009–2010) Frontier (2010–present)