How far can a King Air B200 fly?

How far can a King Air B200 fly?

The King Air 200 has a maximum range (not including headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 1580 miles and a maximum speed of 310 mph.

How long of a runway does a King Air 200 need?

3,100 feet
The King Air 200 (design aircraft) requires a runway length – for a normal takeoff at the Airport on a hot day – of 3,100 feet.

Does a King Air 200 require two pilots?

Most King Air 200 models are configured for 7 full seats plus 1 lavatory seat, but some have 8 full seats plus 1 lavatory seat. Although the King Air 200 is certified for single-pilot flights, all King Air 200s that are chartered through Air Charter Advisors are flown with two pilots.

What is the cruising speed of a King Air 200?

328 mph
PERFORMANCE: Top speed: 333 mph; Cruise speed: 328 mph; Stall: 86 mph; Initial climb rate: 2,450 fpm; Ceiling: 33,880+ ft.; Range: 2,185 nm; Takeoff distance, 50 ft.: 2,579 ft.; Landing distance, 50 ft.: 2,074 ft.

Does a King Air 200 have a bathroom?

In addition our Super King Air 200 is equipped with an aft enclosed lavatory with flushing toilet for your comfort. Experience why everyone loves the 200 and its crew!

How many gallons does a King Air 200 hold?

549 gallons

1974 Beechcraft Super King Air 200
Fuel Capacity 549 gallons
Recommended Engine Fuels JP-4; JP-5; JP-8; Jet A; Jet A-1; Jet B
Fuel Burn-Maximum Cruise Power at ISA S.L.- 1016 lbs./hr 12,000 ft- 890 lbs./hr 24,000 ft- 620 lbs./hr 33,000 ft- 436 lbs./hr

Is King Air 200 single pilot?

The 200 Series King Air represents the medium body King Air and has been manufactured continuously since 1974. It is popular with owner-pilots, charter operators and corporate flight departments. The aircraft seats one pilot and 8-9 passengers, depending on the interior configuration.

How much does a King Air 200 weigh?

12,500 lbs.
STANDARD DATA: (King Air B200) Seats: 8; Gross weight: 12,500 lbs.; Empty weight: 8,283 lbs.; Fuel capacity: 544 gals.; Engines: two 850 shp Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42.

Does the King Air 200 have a bathroom?