How do you unwrap standards?

How do you unwrap standards?

“Unwrap” each Priority Standard by underlining its key concepts (nouns and noun phrases representing what students need to know) and circling or CAPITALIZING the skills (verbs representing what students need to demonstrate).

What does unpacking a standard mean?

What does it mean to unpack a standard? Simply put, standards aren’t always written in the most accessible language. Unpacking a standard means to analyze that language, extracting clues that describe two aspects of the standard that students need to know: essential knowledge and essential skills.

What is target setting in education?

Target or goal setting. When students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, goal setting is a logical step in the process. The general principles of target or goal setting should apply at each level of the school, including goal setting by students.

What are the three learning target types?

Three Types of Learning Targets

  • 1) Learning Goal Targets. Learning goal targets are statements of the knowledge and skills students need to demonstrate mastery of a standard.
  • 2) Foundational Targets.
  • 3) Cognitively Complex Targets.

What is an essential standard?

Essential Standards Defined Standards that you are guaranteeing ALL students will know and be able to do at the end of the year. These are the standards you will write your common formative assessments around.

What is a learning target example?

Learning targets are about the concepts students will understand and the skills they can apply as a result of a lesson. Non-Example: I can work in a small group to read and discuss an article about Westward expansion. Example: I can describe ways that human activities have altered places and regions.

What is a learning target in reading?

What is a Learning Target? A Learning Target is a statement of intended learning for students based on the standards. A Learning Target specifies and unpacks the objective and spells out what students will be able to do during and after the lesson or lesson series.