How do you reset a Mercedes SRS malfunction?

How do you reset a Mercedes SRS malfunction?

Unfortunately, the SRS Airbag light doesn’t reset on its own. Even if the problem has been addressed, you will need an Airbag scanner to reset the light. Very often the light goes on because of a dying battery. But once the light is on, it will stay on even when you install a new battery, until you manually reset it.

What does SRS malfunction mean on a Mercedes?

Supplemental Restraint System
SRS stands for Supplemental Restraint System. If this warning light stays on in your Mercedes Benz, that means that there is a problem with the airbags or the components that are part of the SRS system.

What would cause my Mercedes not to start?

Check the key fob battery and Driver Authorization System Other issues preventing start can include ECM / PCM computer failure electrical problems, or issues with the camshaft position sensor, shifter selector module, or the driver authorization or immobilizer device.

What does the SRS light mean in a Mercedes Benz?

“SRS” stands for Supplemental Restraint System. It has to do with your safety restraints, which include your airbags and seatbelts. Keeping these in good repair can keep your safe in an accident. So if your SRS light comes on, come in to our European auto repair center right away to have it evaluated.

How do I clear my SRS light?

Conclusion – How to Reset Airbag Light

  1. Turn your ignition on and off.
  2. Restart your vehicle and do a test drive.
  3. Examine the passenger airbag switch.
  4. Inspect whether seat belts are fastened or working correctly.
  5. Verify that the passenger seat sensor is not applied.
  6. Use a scanner with an SRS or airbag light reset option.

Can the SRS light be reset?

Turn Your Ignition on and Off. First, turn the ignition switch on. Next, wait for the airbag light to turn on – it normally stays lit for seven seconds before shutting itself off. Then, immediately turn off the ignition switch, and wait three seconds. Repeat the initial steps once or twice before starting the engine.

What are the other possible causes when the engine is not starting?

Some other typical reasons engines fail to start include: Starter motor relay failure. Ignition switch failure. Faulty fuel pump. Clogged or dirty fuel filter.

How do I reset my Mercedes ignition?

How to Reset a Mercedes Key

  1. Reset your Mercedes-Benz key by placing the key in the ignition of your vehicle while the vehicle is turned off.
  2. Pull the key out of the ignition while continuing to hold the “lock” button down.
  3. Use another finger to push down on the “unlock” button five consecutive times.

How to reset the SRS light on a Mercedes Benz?

Instruction on How to Reset the SRS Light on a Mercedes Benz: 1. Locate the fuse panel cover and remove it. 4. Unplug the scan tool and put the fuse panel cover back in place.

How to fix SRS/airbag light on?

That is, 2 steps to solve SRS/Airbag light on. Reset SRS/ Airbag light. 1. Locate the fuse panel cover and remove it. This is located on the lower left side of the control panel on the driver’s side of the car. Find the port that fits the OBD cable and plug the scan tool’s cable into this port. 2.

How do you turn off the SRS light on a Honda Accord?

Put the key into the ignition and turn it to the “Run” position. Wait until the SRS light turns off. Remove the cable and put the fuse panel cover back in place. (DS708 is will be a better choice if money is not an issue for you and you have many cars, for DS708 covers more vehicle and can read codes or diagnose on more systems in the car.)