How do you max on Rotmg?

How do you max on Rotmg?

  1. First step is to max Defense.
  2. After defense you should max Speed.
  3. After speed you should be maxing Dexterity.
  4. Attack comes right after dexterity.
  5. Wisdom is best trained right after attack.
  6. Vitality increases life regeneration and should be trained after wisdom.
  7. Mana is to be trained after vitality but before life.

What is the easiest class to Max Rotmg?

Paladin has relatively low base stats so you can max most of them (except wis and life) pretty easily. Personally i would recommend sorcerer/archer (huntress and bard are good ones as well) since they can easily farm Godlands monsters.

What do stats do Rotmg?

Stats, or Statistics, are the disciplines of which the character has a level to, which determines his/her overall strength in the game. The eight disciplines are as below; Speed (Spd) – The movement speed of your character. Dexterity (Dex) – This will affect your rate of fire.

How many potions do you need to max Rotmg?

It’s usually around 20-35 per stat but it differs for each class. For example, some classes only need 25 defense potions to max whilst a knight needs 40.

How do you unlock the Necromancer in Rotmg?

The Necromancer drains life from his enemies to heal himself and his allies. At level 20 the Mystic (with level 20 Huntress) and Sorcerer (with level 20 Assassin) are unlocked.

How do you get ninja in Rotmg?


  1. Ninja is one of the 18 player classes.
  2. How to Unlock: Reach level 20 with Rogue and level 20 with Warrior.
  3. Technical Details: All values exclude bonuses from Exaltations and equipment.
  4. Technical Details: Assuming you have maxed all stats.

What is fame Rotmg?

Fame is the currency besides Realm Gold, but unlike Realm Gold, Fame can only be achieved by playing the game itself. You have to die to collect what you’ve earned as each character. Fame can be spent on feeding or fusing pets. Fame can be gathered from defeating monsters.

Is the Necromancer good Rotmg?

In fact, this high damage from the Necromancer makes him more of a damage per second class than a healer class; the healing allows him to be very independent and makes the Necromancer arguably the best class in the game for farming in the godlands, and he can be a useful party member for Event Bosses or Dungeons.

How do you unlock Mystic Rotmg?

How to Unlock: Reach level 20 with Huntress and level 20 with Necromancer.

When was Ninja added Rotmg?

Introduced in Build 124.0, the Ninja is the first class to use the katana weapon, and the first class to possess an ability that has two separate functions, speed and damage, based on how the ability key is used.

What are the kabam era dungeons?

The first release of the later Kabam era were the first three “epic dungeons”: the Deadwater Docks, Woodland Labyrinth, and Crawling Depths.

Where is the forbidden jungle?

Forbidden Jungle is a coastal area located north, north-east of Sandover Village. It is a large, tropical jungle, with varying ground levels surrounded by rivers connected to the surrounding ocean.