How do you make a CVC game?

How do you make a CVC game?

Match the word and picture Create CVC word cards and matching pictures. Select one word card, point to each sound (saying the sounds as you point) on the word card. Get your students to blend the sounds to tell you the word. Then have a student come to the board and pick the matching picture to go with the word.

How do you make CVC words fun?

Another fun idea is to give your students cards with each vowel on it. Then say a CVC word and have your students hold up the card to show the vowel in the word. You can also give each students one vowel card and say “if you have the vowel in the word “bed”, come stand over here”.

What are CVC word activities?

Activities for CVC Words

  • Word Family Activities. When students are practicing CVC words, it is helpful for them to work with the same word family.
  • Build a Word Family.
  • Write a Word Family.
  • Mixed Vowel CVC Activities.
  • Word Family Mix Up.

What are CVC puzzles?

Each CVC puzzle is divided in to three jigsaw pieces to mimic the structure of consonant vowel consonant words. As they build the puzzle they build a word. This helps to visually distinguish between whether a letter is a consonant or a vowel and where each letter BELONGS in the word.

What should I teach after CVC?

After CVC words, phonics instruction moves on to slightly more complicated patterns such as CVCC words and CCVC words. CVCC words such as jump, gulp, and lift follow the pattern of consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant. CCVC words such as trip, spin, and clap follow the pattern of consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant.

When should kids know CVC words?

Usually, CVC words are taught to Kindergarten kids so around 5 years of age. If a child is still struggling with letter sounds and needs more practice -go slow and do more of letter sound activities and CV and VC blends before moving to CVC words.

What should I teach before CVC words?

Teaching CVC Words

  • Beginning Sounds in CVC Words. In order to teach students how to blend sounds in cvc words, we have to teach them to segment these sounds.
  • Vowel Sounds in CVC Words.
  • Ending Sounds in CVC Words.
  • Segmenting and Blending CVC Words.
  • Implementing CVC Word Practice.
  • CVC Word Games.
  • CVC Word Printables.

How can I help my child blend CVC words?

A couple key things to remember when teaching students to blend sounds

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice.
  2. Start with Continuous Sounds.
  3. Connect a Stop Sound to the Continuous Sound After It.
  4. Elongate the sounds.
  5. Connect the sounds.
  6. Have Students Use their Hands and Fingers.
  7. Make Stop Sounds Quick.

What CVC words should I teach first?

What CVC Words should I teach first? Most children learn “a” as their first vowel. For that reason I recommend teaching kids to sound out CVC words that have an “a” in the middle first. Stick with one word family like the -am, -ad, or -at word family (you’ll want these freebies).

What is CVC words list?

CVC Words (and more) for Short a

  • ab: cab, dab, gab, jab, lab, nab, tab, blab, crab, grab, scab, stab, slab.
  • at: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, vat, brat, chat, flat, gnat, spat.
  • ad: bad, dad, had, lad, mad, pad, sad, tad, glad.
  • an: ban, can, fan, man, pan, ran, tan, van, clan, plan, scan, than.

What are CVC games for kids?

These free CVC games and child-friendly worksheets help kids learn to identify short vowels and break words into individual sounds called phonemes. Grab your set of free CVC games below and then practice any words under the sun with our Editable Word Work Games! CVC Games: What’s Inside? The free CVC games include:

Are there any free CVC word worksheets for teachers?

All these CVC word worksheets, games and activities are free to download for teachers, homeschoolers and anyone else who needs to practice or to teach students how to develop these CVC skills. I will split these up into sections just to make it easier, so if you need to jump to the right section just use the links below.

Are there printable and paperless CVC activities?

From printable CVC activities to paperless CVC activities, you will find something you can use no matter what your teaching situation looks like. Better yet, there are CVC activities for different seasons and holidays in addition to activities you can use to teach CVC words all year long.

What are examples of CVC words?

Some examples of CVC words are: cat, net, dog, and bug. When beginning to teach my students to read, I like to start by teaching them CVC words first. If your students know the letter sounds very well, beginning reading instruction with CVC words is a great idea.