How do you get the OptiFine Cape for free without mods?

How do you get the OptiFine Cape for free without mods?

The only official ways to get a cape in Minecraft are by attending special events or buying skin packs. If you’re playing Minecraft: Java Edition, you can also make any cape by downloading mods like OptiFine . Capes you get through mods will only be visible to you and anyone else running the same mod.

How do I get an OptiFine Cape without paying?

OptiFine is free to download, but to unlock capes, you have to donate $10 to the OptiFine team. You can donate and choose your cape design from this webpage.

How do you get free capes without mods?

The only way to get a free Minecraft cape without using mods is to get one from Mojang itself.

How much do OptiFine capes cost 2021?

Q. How much does an OptiFine Cape Cost? It costs 10$ at the moment.

How do you get a OptiFine Cape in 2021?

Change cape

  1. Download and install latest OptiFine.
  2. Start Minecraft with OptiFine.
  3. Go to Settings -> Skin Customization -> OptiFine Cape -> Open Cape Editor.

How do I get Optifine capes?

By donating to Optifine, you will be able to get an Optifine cape in Minecraft. Attending Minecon events is another way to get an Optifine cape. You can also get an Optifine cape with Minecraft mods and by downloading skins with capes. You can use an Optifine cape by activating capes in your video settings.

How do you get a Mojang Cape?

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft

  1. Run Minecraft Launcher or log in to with your Mojang account.
  2. You should see an invitation to migrate, click on it.
  3. Create a new Microsoft account or sign in with an existing one.
  4. Create an account.
  5. Confirm the migration of your Mojang account.

How can I get a free Cape?

Java Edition players can get a free cape for migrating their Mojang account. Both Java and Bedrock Edition players can create custom cape designs and upload them to, cost-free. Most mods also don’t require players to pay anything to use them.