How do you get the achievement you are now prepared wow?

How do you get the achievement you are now prepared wow?

You Are Now Prepared! is a quest achievement earned for completing the Argus storyline….You Are Now Prepared!

  1. You Are Now Prepared!
  2. Complete the Argus campaign.
  3. Criteria: The Assault Begins. War of Light and Shadow. Dark Awakenings.

How do I complete the Argus campaign?

To do that, follow the instructions below:

  1. Reach character level 45.
  2. Visit the Violet Citadel and accept the Argus introduction quest from Archmage Khadgar.
  3. Visit the Stormwind harbor to meet your escort at a ship.
  4. Talk to Vereesa Windrunner to set the ship to sail and move to the next quest.

How do I start the Argus story?

To start the Argus questline, you need to complete the Hand of Fate quest. If you’ve abandoned the Argus intro quest and need to get back, you must return to your capital city’s docks and speak with Vereesa Windrunner for Alliance players or Lady Liadrin for Horde players.

Can you unlock void elves as Horde?

After completing The Ghostlands, you will receive a quest called Telogrus Rift. This will require you to complete a 10 part scenario that walks you through the events leading to the void elves joining the Alliance….Do the recruitment quests.

Alliance Horde
Mechagnome Zandalari Troll
Void Elf Vulpera

Where do I start the assault begins?

The Assault Begins The Argus campaign begins with the completion of a new dimensional ship the draenei have been working on: The Vindicaar. Adventurers of the Alliance and Horde travel to Azuremyst Isle, where the Vindicaar has been prepared to cross the dimensional rift to Argus and find the Army of the Light.

What is the easiest allied race to unlock?

Unlocking an Allied Race tends to follow the same format. Three current Allied Races — the Kul Tirans, Mechagnomes, and Dark Iron Dwarves — will be easier to unlock in patch 9.1. 5 as you won’t need to run the dungeons that are currently part of the process of unlocking them.