How do you get Tankoins in Tanki Online?

How do you get Tankoins in Tanki Online?

They are a bridge between real money and in-game content. Tankoins can be purchased from the Shop. Clan/Battle passes, Shop paints and some garage paints, Gold Boxes, Product Kits, Crystals, and various Containers can all be bought with Tankoins.

What is the best tank combination in Tanki Online?

Ranking the Top 5 Combos in Tanki Online

  • Hornet/Railgun.
  • Dictator/Vulcan.
  • Mammoth/Shaft.
  • Viking/Freeze.
  • Hopper/Hammer.

How do you drop the flag in Tanki?

Description. Players are divided into two teams. The goal is to take and capture the enemy’s flag, and to prevent the opposing team from capturing yours. If you take the flag and then get killed, you lose it and the flag is dropped where you were killed.

What are tank coins for in Tanki Online?

TANKOINS will appear in the Shop and will become the main currency to buy items in the SHOP (not the Garage).

What is the strongest turret in Tanki Online?

Shaft: The most damaging turret in Tanki. Best for long-range combat, and is good for precise aiming.

Is Tanki still a thing?

Tanki Online (TO) is a browser-based multiplayer free-to-play video game created and published by AlternativaPlatform. It was released on June 4, 2009. A remake of the game named Tanki X was released on April 20, 2017, but was shut down in early 2020.

How can I get TDS turret?

When you reach Level 50, you can claim the Turret through Rewards. $44,550. For this reason, it is considered a late-game tower. The Turret has a placement limit of five per player.

How do you upgrade turrets in Tanki Online?

In order to start this process, you need to select an item in your garage and click on the “Upgrade” button. One item can have several parameters that can be upgraded altogether. For both turrets and hulls, there are 10 upgrade steps for Mk1-Mk6, while Mk7 has 20 upgrade steps.