How do you find your first tweet on Twitter?

How do you find your first tweet on Twitter?

Login to your Twitter account, and go to Twitter’s advanced search page.

  1. Under the “People” subheading, enter your username (with no “@”) into the “From these accounts” field:
  2. Under “Dates,” select start and end dates for your search:
  3. Click “Search,” and Twitter should return a list of top tweets from that period:

Can you find first tweet?

Go to your profile or someone whose first tweet you’d like to find. Note down their Twitter handle and profile created month and year. This search shows all the tweets posted by Technologyhint in August.

How do you scroll to the beginning of a tweet?

Hit “Search” and you will be shown a timeline of all tweets you’ve posted in the time period you’ve specified in this step. Now, simply scroll down the timeline to find your oldest, and thus first, tweet.

How do you see Twitter history?

If you are logged into Twitter on the web:

  1. Click More in the main navigation menu to the left of your timeline.
  2. Select Settings and privacy.
  3. Choose Privacy and safety.
  4. Select Personalization and data.
  5. Click See your Twitter data.
  6. Confirm your password, then select Request archive.

How can I see my first retweet?

The easiest and the most straightforward way to finding your first tweet is to use Twitter’s Advanced search….We promise.

  1. Step 1: Find your join date. Do you remember when you joined Twitter?
  2. Step 2: Rev up Twitter’s Advanced Search.
  3. Step 3: Specify the dates you want to search.

How do you see old retweets on Twitter?

Go to your Notifications tab. There you will see all activity concerning your Tweets—including which have recently been Retweeted and by whom. From the Tweet detail page, you’ll be able to see how many Retweets of your Tweet there are, in additon to how many Quote Tweets there are.