How do you entertain a baby shower?

How do you entertain a baby shower?

Here’s the most popular entertainment for baby showers.

  1. Caricaturist. For the family with creative flair, hire a caricaturist to draw guests at your baby shower.
  2. Acoustic Guitar. An acoustic guitarist is great for a summertime baby shower.
  3. Bartender.
  4. DJ.
  5. Harpist.
  6. Psychic.
  7. Photographer.
  8. Photo Booth Rental.

What are some fun baby shower games?

Don’t Say Baby! Start the games the moment guests walk into the door.

  • Do You Know Your Baby Food? This is a multi-sensory baby shower game and not for the squeamish.
  • Delivery Statistics Guests can have fun guessing what the baby’s stats might be upon delivery. Create a large poster with columns and space for guesses.
  • Mommy and Daddy Trivia Game This trivia game is ideal to play during a co-ed baby shower. Questions can focus on the baby and the couple.
  • Mad Libs Put a funny spin on reality by creating a baby shower Mad Lib.
  • Mommies and Babies Do your guests know the correct names for animal babies?
  • Baby Bingo This fun and interactive game is played on printable cards that take almost no work to make. Play this game is while the mom-to-be is opening gifts.
  • Baby World Scramble Turn this word scramble into a team race. Pick 15 to 20 words and phrases that relate to babies and parenthood.
  • Baby Picture Guessing Game Have guests bring their baby pictures.
  • Guess the Number of M&M’s This simple guessing game has a sweet reward at the end. Place counted candies inside a pretty jar.
  • Can You Change a Baby?
  • What are some fun baby shower ideas?

    Diaper Raffle. Any new mom can tell you,you can NEVER have enough diapers.

  • Bring a Book. There are two ways to do this activity.
  • Create a Keepsake Guest Book. You might have seen this (or already used it) for wedding receptions.
  • Onesie Decorating Station. Create a fun and crafty bridal shower activity with a onesie decorating station.
  • How do you play Baby Bingo at a baby shower?

    Print out one bingo card per guest. Remember,each person’s card must be unique!

  • Before you start receiving your baby shower gifts,hand each guest their card.
  • Each card has a unique combination of baby shower gifts.
  • The first person to cross out a diagonal,vertical or horizontal line wins a prize!
  • What to give at a baby shower?

    Pictures of baby items cut from a catalogue or printed out — they can even be from the mom-to-be’s registry wish list

  • Small gifts for the winners
  • Pen and paper for the guests