How do you drink Nigori sake?

How do you drink Nigori sake?

Nigori sake should be served chilled. With most sakes I would encourage playing around with a range of temperatures; however, nigoris really taste best with a slight chill.

What does Nigori sake go with?

“Cloudy” sake with a creamy umami body. Fruity flavors & aromas of coconut, mango and pineapple with a hint of cereal. An excellent pairing with: Hawaiian BBQ; Spicy Foods such as Mexican Mole, Thai Spicy “Drunken” Noodles and Indian Curry; or light desserts such as Vanilla Ice Cream.

When should I drink Nigori sake?

Consumption. Nigori sake is generally the sweetest of all sake, with a fruity nose and a mild flavor, making a great drink to complement spicy foods or as a dessert wine. Before serving, the bottle is shaken properly to mix the sediment with the sake, to obtain the full range of flavor and its signature look.

Can you heat nigori sake?

In a word, you can heat any sake! But typically the higher-end Daiginjos and sakes like Nigori (unfiltered) just don’t perform well with higher temperatures. The whole point is to get the sake to open up and to fire on all levels in the palate.

Can you cook with nigori sake?

Nigori is partially unfiltered, so it’s cloudy with the rice residue, and some Nigoris are so unfiltered that they have a creamy texture (good for cooking sauces!) My restaurant’s house Nigori is ozeki, which is decently creamy and quite good, especially for a “house” quality.

How do you serve Junmai Nigori sake?

While Junmai-style sake can be served warm, Junmai Ginjo or Junmai Daiginjo style sake is best served chilled to preserve the delicate floral and fruity aroma and flavors, which are enhanced by a chilled temperature. Chilled sake is increasingly being consumed before, during and after meals.

What is nigori sake?

Nigori style has rice solids (lees) suspended in the sake. Nigori is technically NOT unfiltered rather it is coarsely pressed (Sake undergoes both pressing and filtration). Nigori have wide range of texture and sweetness. It can be made in any grade, or style like nama or sparkling!

What is sake best paired with?

Sake, or wine made from fermented rice with origins in Japan, is usually paired with sushi, ramen, tempura, and other Japanese foods.

Can you warm up nigori sake?

Why is nigori cloudy?

Nigori, meaning “cloudy,” refers to a style of sake that is coarsely filtered, allowing a portion of the rice sediment to be left in the finished brew. This gives the sake a milky-white hue and a smooth, creamy texture. Originally, all sake was nigori.

What is Nigori sake?