How do you deal with a difficult baby mama?

How do you deal with a difficult baby mama?

Try and find as much good as you can about her and focus on that. Most importantly, do not get the child involved in your issues. When you are angry at something she has done, do not talk about it or show it to the child. Whatever angry words you say will have a massive impact on the child.

What happened between DaBaby and his baby momma?

DABABY’s baby mama DaniLeigh was charged with assault after she “attacked the rapper TWICE.” The couple got into a wild fight in front of their newborn daughter on a recent Instagram Live. On Sunday, DaBaby, 29, recorded a video and streamed it on Instagram as he fought with DaniLeigh, 26.

Why is DaBaby and DaniLeigh fighting?

DaniLeigh and DaBaby later got into a verbal dispute while on Instagram Live, in which Baby requested that Dani, who had their then-3-month-old baby, leave his home. Following that series of chaotic events, DaniLeigh’s brother challenged DaBaby to a fight for how the rhymer treated his sister.

Why do baby mamas cause drama?

The drama is a cover-up for how she really feels. She may not realize that the love she feels doesn’t have to expressed romantically. Or she doesn’t want him to believe she still loves him so she acts out in ways that supposedly express hatred or disdain when, really, it’s all a cover-up.

How can I get along with my baby mama?

Focus on developing a relationship with the mother separate from the relationship with him- even if it isn’t the smoothest one. Approach her and let her know that you are not trying to take over her position. Tell her you recognize that she is the mother first and foremost.

How many baby mommas Does the baby have?

DaBaby has four children with three women. That’s not your baby, that’s his baby! Over the last few months, speculation has been at an all-time high in regards to DaBaby’s children. While longtime fans of the 29-year-old star are aware of his adorable daughter Serenity, it turns out that he has more than one child.

Who is DaBaby arguing with?

After his public breakup with singer-songwriter DaniLeigh, DaBaby and his crew were caught on camera fist-fighting with her brother, Brandon Bills, at a bowling alley of all places. Here’s what we know about the altercation.

How do I deal with my husband’s baby mama?

How do you tell if your baby daddy is over you?

So, without further delay, here are twelve signs that you should start coming up with your exit plan:

  1. You find yourself doing EVERYTHING/ He doesn’t contribute.
  2. You can’t trust him.
  3. He is unreliable.
  4. Your relationship status is undeclared.
  5. You have to lie to friends and family members about your situation with him.