How do you copy and paste on TSO?

How do you copy and paste on TSO?

Put CUT on the command line in EDIT, then in the left hand margain put CC against the first record, and CC against the last record you want to copy, then hit enter.

How do I copy and paste in mainframe?

Click Edit > Paste. Press the key combination that is assigned to the Paste function. The default key combination is Shift + Insert….It works similarly to the Paste function in Personal Communications.

  1. Click Edit > Preferences > Edit.
  2. Click the preferences you want to set.
  3. Click OK when you are finished.

How do I copy an ISPF dataset?

To copy one data set to another, select the MOVE/COPY option (option 3). On the next panel, the Move/Copy Utility panel, specify the name of the data set from which you want to copy.

How do I see the contents of the clipboard in mainframes?

To view or edit an existing clipboard, issue the command CUT DISPLAY to display the Clipboard Manager panel. This panel lists all the current clipboards.

What are TSO commands?

List of TSO/E Commands

Command Abbreviation Function
ALLOCATE ALLOC Allocating data sets.
CALL CALL Loading and executing programs.
CANCEL CANCEL Halting a submitted job.
DELETE DEL Deleting one or more data set entries or one or more members of a partitioned data set.

What is TSO command in mainframe?

Time Sharing Option/Extensions (TSO/E) allows users to create an interactive session with the z/OS® system. TSO provides a single-user logon capability and a basic command prompt interface to z/OS.

How do I copy PDS from one PDS to another?

To copy or move all members from one PDS to another, enter an asterisk (the symbol *) in the member field of the From ISPF Library. Carefully consider the Replace like- named members option on the To data set panel.

How do you copy PDS from one PDS using JCL?

IEBCOPY in JCL with Examples

  1. IEBCOPY is a copy utility that is used to perform copy functionalities for PDS and PDSE datasets.
  2. Copy all or Selected members from one PDS to another.
  3. Create multiple PDS in a single IEBCOPY job from one input PDS.
  4. Compress PDS to release the unused space.

How do I copy and paste in as400?


  1. In the “Select a Key” section select the letter “v”
  2. In the “Select a Key-Action” section use the “Function” drop-down to select “Edit Paste”
  3. In the “Change Current Action for Select Key” section click the arrow button to the left of “Ctrl” to replace the default action of [pass] with [edit-paste]

How do I see the contents of the clipboard mainframe?