How do you complete work orders in wow?

How do you complete work orders in wow?

To start a work order, you interact with NPCs at your garrison buildings. Work orders take 4 hours to complete each. You can queue up additional work orders so you don’t have to babysit your garrison quite so often. Level 1 buildings can queue up to 7 work orders.

How do you get Level 3 Garrison plans?

Barn To unlock the level 3 blueprints for the Barn, you’ll need to complete the Master Trapper achievement, which requires you to place 125 Work Orders at the Barn. Once unlocked, you’ll be able to obtain Savage Blood from elite creatures, an item that’s needed for several high end profession recipes.

How do I get Level 1 Garrison plans?

Level 1 is automatically built after upgrading the Town Hall to Level 2 and it is unlocked after completing the quest line started by Looking For Help (Alliance) or Looking For Help (Horde), a Level 94 quest given at the Fishing Shack. Garrison Blueprint: Fishing Shack, Level 2 is sold by vendors.

Do people still use garrisons in wow?

Garrisons are intended to be part of the expansion’s leveling experience, and are integrated into the expansion’s zones and gameplay, with players frequently redirected to their garrison throughout the leveling experience. However, they are also an ongoing feature at max level.

How do you level buildings in your garrison?

You get your Level 1 Garrison just by doing initial questing. Level 2: Two small, one medium, one large, Herb Garden Level 1, Fishing Shack Level 1, Lunarfall Excavation / Frostwall Mines Level 1 also unlocked.

How do I unlock Level 2 Garrison?

Garrison Levels

  1. You can upgrade your Garrison to Level 2 on completion of the questlines culminating Bigger is Better/ Bigger is Better. Visit Quick Facts on those quest pages for a list of related quests.
  2. Leveling your Garrison to level 3 requires you to be level 40 and costs 5,000 and 2000.

What are garrisons wow?

Garrisons are Blizzard’s response to player housing. Players build outposts in several zones on Draenor, though their primary, personal garrison is located at Lunarfall in Shadowmoon Valley (Alliance) or Frostwall in Frostfire Ridge (Horde).

How do you tell what level your garrison is?

Leveling Your Garrison

  1. Level 1: One small and one large plot. You get your Level 1 Garrison just by doing initial questing.
  2. Level 2: Two small, one medium, one large, Level 1 Herb Garden, Level 1 Fishing Shack, Level 1 Lunarfall Excavation / Frostwall Mines also unlocked.
  3. Level 3: Three small, two medium, two large.