How do you complete the Keep Your Friends Close mission?

How do you complete the Keep Your Friends Close mission?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  1. The Mafia are trying to steal your money. Defend your safe.
  2. Go and kill Lance Vance, the backstabber.
  3. Kill Sonny and finish this once and for all.

How do you beat Keep your friends close in GTA Vice City?

The idea is to protect the safe from the goons who are coming to collect. Just stand in the center of your office and aim at the door. Use a powerful weapon like a Shotgun or Colt (there’s a Colt reload by the door) to kill the mobsters one at a time as they run up. Soon, a message will appear to go kill Lance.

What happens after Keep your friends close Vice City?

Once you kill Sonny, the Keep Your Friends Close mission will be accomplished, and a cutscene will play. You will still be able to roam around to do different things after the mission. You can even collect all of Vice City’s Hidden Packages or complete side missions if you are looking to get to 100 % Completion.

How can I skip the mission in GTA Vice City?

Well in GTA SA you cannot skip a mission but you can skip a path travelled in a mission by trip skip. Trip Skip option will appear only when you have failed a mission thrice or more than that. It can also be triggered by pressing T key if and only if you’ve failed a mission more than thrice.

How do you unlock cap the collector mission in GTA Vice City?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  1. The Mafia is taxing your businesses. Find them and kill them.
  2. You’ve capped the Collectors. More are on their way.

Who said Keep Your Friends Close but your enemies closer?

Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu is credited with the phrase “Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.” Online, while our friends remain close, our enemies continue to get closer.

How do you activate Keep Your Friends Close?

GTA Vice City players need to complete at least six of those assets, with one of them being Print Works. Once they have completed Cop Land, they should be able to unlock Cap the Collector. Complete that mission to unlock Keep Your Friends Close.

What does Keep Your Friends Close and your enemies closer mean?

Proverb. keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. One should be on one’s toes and alert of one’s surroundings if malicious people are around, to ensure that they cannot wreak havoc in one’s life.

How can I skip a mission?

In the vanilla game there is no way to skip missions. You can go do another mission, but you will eventually have to come back to that mission in order to progress.