How do I use S Voice when my phone is locked?

How do I use S Voice when my phone is locked?

How to use Samsung S Voice from your lock screen

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Locate and tap the Lock screen entry.
  3. Tap Lock screen options.
  4. Under Features, tap to enable Wake up in lock screen (Figure A)

How do I activate voice command on my note 3?

Open an app

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Tap Samsung.
  3. Tap S Voice.
  4. If necessary, tap the microphone to activate it.
  5. Speak Open + [name of app].

How do I wake up my screen with voice?

Turn on Bixby Voice wake-up

  1. Open Bixby by pressing and holding the Bixby or Side key, depending on your device’s settings.
  2. Tap Discover (it looks like a compass), and then tap More options (the three vertical dots).
  3. Tap Settings, and then tap Voice wake-up.

Does Voice Control Work on Lock screen?

Activate on lock screen: If you’ve set a screen lock on your Android device, Voice Access turns on automatically when you turn on your screen. However, to start using Voice Access, you need to unlock your screen. To unlock your screen with Voice Access, be sure to use the PIN screen lock option.

How do you lock and unlock your phone with voice commands?

Type: ‘open OFF+’ in the box provided After that, tap the More menu located in the lower right corner, then select the Settings menu Continue to unlock and lock the Android screen with voice this time by selecting the Voice menu, then tap the Voice Match menu Last, activate the Access with Voice Match feature.

Does Note 3 have HD voice?

With the update, Galaxy Note 3 owners will find a new HD Voice icon in their drawer, support for international Wi-Fi calling, patches to Google Security, Knox 2.0 and updates to Kids Mode.

How do I use Google instead of Bixby?

But if needed, you can set another one, like Google or Alexa, as your default assistant in addition to Bixby. From Settings, search for and select Device assistance app. Tap Device assistance app again, and a list of available assistants will appear. Choose your desired option, and then tap OK.

Where is the voice settings?

To view or change your Voice Access settings: Open your device’s Settings app . Select Accessibility, then Voice Access. Select Settings.

How do I use Bixby on lock screen?

Put Bixby cards on your lock screen You can add them to your lock screen so you are instantly updated every time you look at your phone. Open Bixby and go to Settings in the menu. Then, tap Show on Lock Screen, toggle the switch beside the app you want as a card and you’re done.

How do I wake up Bixby on lock screen?

  1. Press the Bixby key to go to Bixby Home. In the Bixby Home, tap More menu.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Bixby voice wake-up.
  4. Tap the Voice wake-up switch to activate it.
  5. Tap START.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. The Bixby conversation window will appear when you say Bixby.