How do I uninstall WhatsApp on my iPhone?

How do I uninstall WhatsApp on my iPhone?

Just go to iPhone Settings > General > iPhone Storage and look for WhatsApp from here. Now, go to the WhatsApp settings and tap on the “Delete” button to uninstall the application from your iPhone.

How do I reinstall WhatsApp on my iPhone?

1. Open App Store on your iPhone > search for and Download WhatsApp to your iPhone. 2. Once the download is complete, tap on Open to start the process of Reinstalling WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Can I run two WhatsApp in iPhone?

iPhone users can use two WhatsApp accounts with the help of WhatsApp Business. It is an official business-oriented version of WhatsApp. This version offers all the features available in the regular version.

How do I completely uninstall WhatsApp?

To uninstall WhatsApp Go to your device’s Settings. Tap Apps & notifications > WhatsApp > Uninstall to remove the app and all of its data.

Can you delete and reinstall WhatsApp?

Once you complete the backup process, you can uninstall WhatsApp. And once you reinstall it, this is how you should go about it. This is similar to what you had done with the iOS devices. Step 3: You need to verify your phone number so that WhatsApp can retrieve your account.

What happens if you delete WhatsApp and reinstall?

Meaning, after reinstallation of WhatsApp, you will have the same account and privacy settings. Similarly, the previously blocked numbers will continue to appear in the block list. However, when you delete your WhatsApp account, all the settings and blocked numbers will be reset and deleted.

Can you delete WhatsApp and reinstall?

The solution in such cases is to Backup WhatsApp Messages to Google Drive, Delete WhatsApp from your device and download the latest version of WhatsApp on your Android Phone. After downloading & Installing WhatsApp, you will be able to recover all your WhatsApp Messages from Google Drive.

Does iPhone 13 have dual WhatsApp?

Apple iPhone users can use two WhatsApp accounts with the help of WhatsApp Business, an official business-oriented version of the app.

Can I have 3 WhatsApp on my iPhone?

Can I install 3 WhatsApp on iPhone? Yes, you can install 3 WhatsApp on iPhone. To do so, follow these steps: Open the App Store and search for WhatsApp.

What happens if you delete WhatsApp app on iPhone?

when you uninstall the app, no significant changes happen to your chat messages. You will still receive them, but simply won’t be able to access them. WhatsApp has both a local backup and a cloud backup in which your messages will be stored until you reinstall the app.

Can I uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it?

Allow the backup process to finish, uninstall WhatsApp, then install it from the Play Store. Verify your phone number to be able to restore your backup. Select the “Restore” option, and your backup will be restored.

What happens when you delete WhatsApp from iPhone?